Michele Bachmann is an Extremely Ignorant Disgrace

Michele Bachmann in last night’s presidential debate:

Cutting back on foreign aid is one thing. Being reimbursed by nations that we have liberated is another. We should look to Iraq and Libya to reimburse us for part of what we have done to liberate these nations.

Bachmann isn’t the first to suggest that invading, destroying, and occupying a country for the benefit of defense corporations and Washington’s national security planners is grounds for reparations to be paid back to the United States government. I’ve written before about such idiotic proposals. This is such extreme ignorance it’s hard to stomach. Iraq is a country that was invaded in a war of aggression – without the justification of self-defense – and in which, by the most conservative estimates, well over 100,000 civilians were killed, horrifying war crimes were committed by US troops, and an economy was destroyed. The leader of the puppet government we’ve set up there, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has circumvented Parliament, consolidated illegitimate power in a long trend of quasi-dictatorial behaviorharshly cracked down on peaceful activism, harassed and even attacked journalists that were critical of his regime, and has been accused of torturing prisoners in secret Iraqi jails. In a diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, US envoy Ryan Crocker noted in 2009 that Maliki’s turn towards more centralized rule is “in US interest.” To Bachmann and other vile dimwits, this is liberation.

That talk like this is even allowed in these debates without immediate and unalterable ostracism from politics or any position of any responsibility is indicative of how sickly the society is when it comes to American foreign policy.

She should be forced to directly ask these children and their families to pay up for all the hard work her and her henchman in the war party did to liberate them:

How long until impoverished Afghans have to hear about reparations for America’s benevolence?

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  1. In some distant future, possibly the people of Iraq will demand the ICC prosecute the US government for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Possibly. With any luck, that will happen before Dark Cheney dies for lack of a human heart.

    1. The ONLY saving grace about that is she – and the rest of the wackos – will never win.

      1. Don't be so sure. Her brand of ignorance and stupidity is embraced by a huge majority of the voting population.

        1. It may seem that way but I have to maintain some semblance of hope that it isn't. These people like her all believe that they are representative of the majority – I think they've deluded themselves when in fact they are a small minority.

          I may be naive and idealistic but I have to believe that I am in the majority – or accept the fact that we are doomed.

  2. That should have just as great results as when we made Germany pay us back for "liberating" them after World War I.

      1. Better than Haiti. They just finished paying reparations for a war they lost in the early 19th century. Now, does anyone still think bankers aren't parasites?

    1. Or tell him that if he only put his trust in Jesus, he'd suddenly and magically know how to swim.

  3. I don't know how to tell to the US President. Stop war right now, there will be more people injured and dead. There will be more kids lose their parents. Don't you see that?

  4. The ICC was set up by the criminal to protect them just as the US Supreme court does. You would have a better chance at justice from Ghengis than a liberal democratic institutions. This is not just the US, its globalism. It will get worse.

  5. We should look to Chevron and Exxon to reimburse us for part of what we have done to corrupt these nations.

  6. During the debate she said: "[Obama's] already taken us into Libya and now he wants to take us into Africa."

    1. Yeah, I appreciate the juvenality of such. It's as though Uncle Sam was a child being dragged from one boring store to the next by his parents and couldn't say No.

  7. Michelle Bachman is one of those Zionist-Christian nut cases – any war to benefit Israel is okay with her.

    1. The Zionist-Christians in the USA are asking that they be renamed the "kooky kristians". I think that this titie is most appropriate.

      1. No, the term "Zionist-Christians" is much more descriptive and doesn't lose anything in the way of identifying them as whack-jobs.

  8. I’ll tell you liberal hippies this, you give peace a chance and I’ll cover you in case it doesn’t work out. Besides, don’t you have a tree to hug?

  9. John Glaser,

    Apparently John you enjoy paying for other peoples freedom but not your own. You didn't live through the Cold War that is apparent. When any country before America was formed went to war took over the country for spoils of war, America has not done that ever however we have always gotten compensation for going to war. If you don't know this study the WW1, WW2, Korean war indepth to find out the compensation. Also your history on Iraq is short, The Britich Parlement formed that country long ago and is wanting us to take over the country for BP to refine more oil for its shrinking kingdom just like Libya's oil to France with that pipeline. Best do more journalism because I'd want your entire sources list for this article in my email in 24 hours as required by Federal Law.

  10. It is for this reason that Americans are aleinaying themselves from the Islamic world. The Arab spring is slowly putting the shutters on the US. Obamas great speech to Muslims was hot air. As a non US citizen I know that the US has lost the plot……and when nonsencical comments such as these are made the general concensus from us is that the US administration is on a journey but no one knows where its going.. We love the people of the US but your government is lacking grey matter!

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