A Journalist’s Account of What Happened in Libya

Journalist Lizzy Phelan on Her Experience in Libya 

Regular readers of Antiwar.com will not be surprised by Ms. Phelan’s account of what she saw in Libya. Just like the war in Iraq, the bombing of Libya was based on a whole lot of nonsense: inflated death tolls and exaggerated opposition against Gaddafi (although the opposition against him should not be marginalized). As US rhetoric towards Iran reaches a fever pitch similar to that in the run up to the war in Iraq, it’s truly worth pondering just how many times the American people will tolerate being lied to or bullied into war.

11 thoughts on “A Journalist’s Account of What Happened in Libya”

  1. Lizzy Phelan is one ballsy journalist. She tells it like it happened. She certainly tells a different story than what Amerika got from the infojournalism pukes.

  2. "As US rhetoric towards Iran reaches a fever pitch similar to that in the run up to the war in Iraq, it’s truly worth pondering just how many times the American people will tolerate being lied to or bullied into war."

    I'd say about 180 times or however many countries there are in the world. I see no reason to beleive that the American people would ever do anything other than mildly object if their government found an excuse to go to war with every single country on the planet.

    And to be fair what can the Americna people possibly do, elect someone eles? Hahaha, don't be ridiculous. The US government is no more accountable to the American people thana the Soviet government was.

  3. Lizzie Phelan's testimony doesn't tell astute international relations observers anything that they didn't already know. Of course, NATO bombed more often and with more horrific results than was reported. Of course, the Libyan rebels were thugs who committed atrocities. And of course, the support for Gaddafi's Green government was more substantial than the Western media reported.

    Based on her blog, however, Ms. Phelan seems to be one strange bird. Although it is currently coming up with no content, a cached copy of its shows a bizarre article she wrote entitled, "White supermacists/NATO’s fear of Libya = their fear of a Black Planet". In this screed she claims that NATO is "an enforcer and defender of White supremacy". Of course, she is referring to the same NATO that bombed white Yugoslavia back in the late 1990's. Further reading of this article and other posts made by her reveal that Lizzie Phelan is a Marxist True Believer. She even calls Sarkozy a white supremacist. Yup, she has definitely overdosed on the Red Kool-Aid. And of course, her blog contains the obligatory quote from Che Guevara.

  4. She visited Libya twice, and that makes her an expert? Both times, she had an obvious bias; first she went as a peace activist, meaning that she was looking for reasons to be against any military intervention. She also worked for Russian and Iranian (Press TV) media, both of which were very much against it. She doesn't know what it was like, and she wasn't independent.

    I don't think antiwar.com has spoken to an actual Libyan yet, but you can read what they have to say:

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  7. Everything she says is credible until she starts talking about how great a guy gaddhafi was. I mean, she said we should be learning from the jaramahayalla(i dont even know if thats the proper name or spelling). Seriously, thats more than a little strange. Yes the west came in and screwed this country, what they did and continue to do is terrible and appauling however, we dont need to hear that from somebody who thinks gaddhafi is a hero either. I don’t think antiwar.com should have posted this one.

  8. Lizzy phelan shuld be multiplied by the miilions to replace the fat pizza/burger sheeple watchers/televangelical followers to whom the MSM message is sent and from whom comes the support to criminal policies both, domestic and foreign.-
    The masonic design doesn´t care if your gvmt. is popular, democratic or not, to survive, it has to bow to the orders of a single global command, otherwise it will be carpet bombed, civilian majority included.- Only chances to survive are not to support Palestinian cause or to have nuclear warheads ready to launch.-
    When NATO forces to pay the bill for supporting NTC, libyans are going to loose every single welfare benefit achieved under Khaddafi´s 42 years and start a migratory course to become servants and slaves in other lands.-

  9. Shes credible until she starts praising Gaddaffi. Seriously, we didn't need to be told the guy was a saint to think the invasion was dead wrong.

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