“Of all people …”

I forced myself to tune in to CBS early this morning because of Ron Paul’s “Face the Nation” interview. Establishment tool  Bob Schieffer previews the interview by announcing that “this morning, we’ve got an interview with Ron Paul, who, of all people, is rising to the top tier in Iowa.”

Media bias against Paul — why, what are you, some kind of paranoid?

Update:  A question from the unbiased Schieffer: “”You blame America for 9/11, right?”

Ron patiently explains the difference between the American government and the American people — a distinction the old Beltway troll finds befuddling.

“You want us to be ‘nicer’ to Iran’s leaders.”

Ron’s reply, “we employ thousands of diplomats, let’s use some of them.” Poor Bob: he looks upset. Schieffer is a snake – a  “liberal”  the War Party can count on.

Schieffer is horrified by Ron, of course — but he backs down and  says “Well, then, let’s move on” once he’s challenged.

Yes Bob, you petrified old fart and Beltway lickspittle, isn’t it time for you to move on and retire?

Watch it here:

17 thoughts on ““Of all people …””

  1. we have every smear recorded and numbered

    Ronald Ernest Paul MD
    Face the Nation
    Bob Schieffer
    CBS News

  2. I specifically searched Google for a blog so I could air out my complaint against Schieffer, that idiotic little troll, and I found yours. I have watched Schieffer over the years and have seen numerous interviews he has had with politicians since Bush Sr. The normally amiable Schieffer has never looked so disgusted with a guest and his stance from the get-go was very defensive. It has never been made more plain and obvious that he had his agenda to make RP look like a fanatic, from starting the interview about 9-11 and ending with the debate about whether the candidates and the current administration are gunning for war with Iran (ah-DUH!). I have never voted for a republican candidate before, but I have made the decision that I will vote for Ron Paul in 2012. I do not agree with some of RP's viewpoints (such as his stance on abortion) but this country desperately needs someone with some iota of integrity to be at the helm of our ship in these troubled waters.

    1. "I do not agree with some of RP's viewpoints (such as his stance on abortion) but this country desperately needs someone with some iota of integrity to be at the helm of our ship "

      You are falling into the "Leader trap". Why does "this country" or any other need a single brain "at the helm", even nominally? In the UK, the "Prime Minister" is supposed to be "first in a cabinet of equals" , with the governement effectively run by a committee. Blair broke that, which is how he got the UK to invade Iraq with US. But the priciple is far saner than a single alpha male war cheiftain.

      I know the Presients role is Constitutionally limited in the US, but the Constitution is long dead and executive power absolute.

  3. Comment continued: It is time to dismantle the military industrial complex, return to a gold standard and punish those whose greed has crashed our economy to Depression-era levels. I want to see perp walks and prison sentences for the sob's who put us in this position. They should be tried for treason IMHO. Thank you for letting me get this off my chest.

  4. Did you read the comments on the CBS site? One good thing about atrocious episodes like the one aired this morning is that it brings out some good comments. We (figuratively, of course) sharpen our claws on the likes of Mr. Schieffer.

    That having been said – I don't have much knowledge of Mr. Schieffer or his work. But in my mind, at least, he will be judged by the 'fairness' of this interview. As I commented on their site: I watched the beginning of his Herman Cain interview, to compare to the RP one. He was practically gushing over Mr. Cain and berated him for his smoking ad.

    Is this what passes for insightful reporting?

    Thank God for Antiwar.com. I guess you've spoiled me.

  5. You should know well that the truth of things counts for very little when it comes to American political life. Americans are busy with their American Idol and their Ipods and stuffing their faces with McTurdburgers while Rome burns.

  6. Schieffer has been around for so long… the dinosaur farts dust. He does tend to act Neanderthal-ish. Okay and, I apologize to all the Neanderthals for making the comparison. Please send cards and letters of complaint to CBSNews, 1 CorporateShillPlaza, New York of Bloomberg, New Yawk.

  7. Schieffer was unfair to Ron Paul. His domestic policies may not make sense but his foreign policies do.
    There is no proof Iran has WMD's . Even if they had them, they'd be able to defend themselves from attack. Iraq and Libya have no such weapons and the US & UK attacked them. North Korea has them and no country attacked them because they would use those weapons against them.

  8. Once again, I ask: Who the hell pays any attention to anything coming out of the sewer holes of MSM news "journalists?" Quite honestly, it was beneath Ron Paul's dignity to even give Schieffer (or any other of the MSM bottom feeders) the time of day (although Ron himself is far too much of a gentleman to take this attitude). Does Ron REALLY want to, or even need to reach out to people who get their "news" from propaganda fonts like CBS?

  9. What a disgusting, parasitical scum of the earth. But mostly, he’s just stupid. Really, really stupid. Remember Tim Russert’s interview with Paul, last time around? I felt less fury at Russert than I did spiritual nausea at the fact that this googly-eyed oaf–so strongly reminiscent of Lenny from Of Mice and Men–inspired the adoration of the masses, precisely because he had spent his whole life looking for pats on the head from those in power, rather than ever learning to think critically. Schaeffer isn’t really a human being with a brain in his head, he’s just played one on tv for far too long.

  10. Dear Mr. Shieffer,

    I know you emphatically stated to Ron Paul that he was wrong, and that no one in the government has suggested attacking Iran. Here's some help for you and/or your crack research staff:

    "It is time for an unequivocal declaration that we will stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability by peaceful means if we possibly can, but with military force if we absolutely must," said Lieberman from the Senate floor."

    Does the standing Senator from Connecticut count as being 'in the government'? If not, I could look for more examples (this one took me all of 2 minutes to locate).

    Peace be with you.

  11. I realy hate voting for Ron Paul , You must understand I'am a cheap socialist . Cheap is a key word I only want as much sociaism as I can afford . I also support the democratic platform on raising the taces on the high income earners . I want to keep social security and income tax , But even more than this I want to pay my debts and keep my country . Right now I'am leaning towards Ron paul , becuase I believe the other canadates will not be able to keep the United States solvent . I think they are all trying to sink this country , destroy the value of our money and bring on a new world goverenment .that I definatly do not want . So here we now have one socialists for Ron paul .

  12. I don't care what anyone's political stripes are- It has become obvious that the only Presidential Candidate who is honest, consistent, and not owned by AIPAC, the Military Industrial Complex, and Corporate America. He is the one "they" are clearly afraid of. For anyone who has done their homework, he is the only logical choice.

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