Rape and Morality in Kabul and Washington

Afghan President Hamid Karzai agreed to pardon an imprisoned woman for the crime of being raped, on the one condition that she marry the man that raped her.

This sick tyrant gets billions in American tax money and protection from our Brave Men & Women in Uniform. This useless, indefensible, criminal war has a Nobel Peace Prize winner at its helm.

14 thoughts on “Rape and Morality in Kabul and Washington”

  1. This is totally disgusting. Period.
    However, it predates even Islam, being found in the Old Testament of the Bible from when women were considered merely property: Deuteronomy 22:28-29

  2. Certainly not to defend him or his actions, but is Karzai really any more sickening and criminal than any of the cretins ruling Amerika, except in matters of degree?

  3. Let’s hear it for our brave boys—

    In the latest of a string of incidents involving US troops, the man is accused of raping a Filipino woman at a hotel.
    The alleged rape happened before a 24-hour curfew was imposed on US troops, their families and civilians working for the military on Okinawa.
    The focus on crime by military personnel in recent days is affecting relations between Japan and the US.
    Local anger
    Another American serviceman is accused of rape on Okinawa, the second alleged incident in 10 days.
    The first complaint was made by a 14-year-old schoolgirl, the second by a woman from the Philippines who says she was attacked in a hotel.
    In the last few days another soldier was found drunk asleep on a sofa in a house he had broken into, while another was arrested for drink-driving.

    A fourteen year old girl, how brave.

    1. As the legions continue to scrape the bottom the humanity barrel (they've already lowered enlistment and retention standards to the point where there are almost none anymore) for cannon fodder, incidents of this type, here at home and abroad, will become much more common.

  4. I can’t help wondering how many Afghan women have been raped by US soldiers. Those night raids offer a lot of opportunities.

  5. "This sick tyrant gets billions in American tax money…"

    Exactly. Remember this the next time you hear Obammie or any DemoNcrat say we must raise taxes.

    After all, YOU must pay your fair share so the rape and murder and oprression can continue.

    And of course RepubloCons will insist all of this continues.

    The War Party always wins.

  6. What does one have to do with the other? We’re protecting Wall St’s poppy fields, not converting them to Christianity or making Kabul some kind of cosmopolitain city like Baghdad used to be.

    The IMPORTANT policies are exactly what they need to be. Stop trying to paint this as some kind of chaotic arrangement. Karzai is there to keep the plebs in place, just like Obama.

  7. The punishment for rape in Saudi Arabia is death by beheading according to islamic laws. Hamid Karzai is a muslim by name like millions of others who assume islamic names but do not know an iota of islamic principles

    1. But of course. Tyrants in the Islamic world are exactly like their counterparts in the Western world who claim to be "Christian," but don't have the vaguest clue about biblical principles.

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