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  1. Graphic proof that "just because you might be paranoid, doesn't mean that they are not actually out to get you." …on the other hand maybe there is good reason to be paranoid!

  2. unf-ckingbelieveble so many bases no wonder that Iran is paranoid; I would too if my country is surrounded its like they are gearing up for war as it is..

  3. Somebody's gettin' the bullshit flag for this. We don't have bases in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. And somehow we have a military base out in the Indian ocean. I smell bullshit.

      1. get your facts right before you criticise, diego garcia is on the chagos archipeligo south of Sri Lanka, not as it is on this map which is in the Laccadive Sea.

      2. i think u will find that the us has a millitary base on the indian ocen on the island of diego garcia. was leased to the us millitary by the the british goverment in 1967. the native population of roughly 1500 were frorceful remove to the muartius's slums where they still remain living in poverty. hope that brings you up to date.

  4. Folks, don't let yourself be bamboozled. These are not all US military bases. In fact, very few of them are. They are bases belonging to the host country's military, and there is a US presence there. Some of them are simply outdated and there is no US military presence there anymore.

    @Smart Guy: The base in the middle of the Indian Ocean is Diego Garcia. There is a US military presence there because it is a very important strategic airfield in that region of the world. It is not a US military base, though. It is British territory, and a British base.

    Masirah. in Oman, is an island that was formerly a British airbase. It is now a Royal Oman Air Force base that is used by the US military. It has been a staging area for some operations in Afghanistan, for example, Marines departed from Masirah on the last leg of their trip to Afghanistan to provide security for the US embasy there.

    Seriously, these propagandists are calling Int'l airports US military bases! Can you say, "spin," or "agenda?"

    1. So are those bases now UN bases, after all, the UN is more like a launching platform for our armed conflicts.

  5. @C N Maybe there is a little spin here, but even changing the title to "US Military Presence in the Middle East" doesn't make it less scary. The fact is that we have a large military presence surrounding Iran and there are intense talks in the upper echelon of politics to use force to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear power. I would be paranoid too if I were Iran.

  6. To me i feel that world war 3 is iminent and is a real threat if nobody else does thats cool but just look at the countries surronding iran and loook at the united states presence therre its simple we want iran and we will get it to prevent them from becoming a nuclear power in the world. i feel as if WWIII is a very real threat and people need to understand this and speak out about it to prevent the end of the worold as we know it

  7. SmartGuy and John and Shaun:

    These are really Us military bases even if af first hand these are foreign countries. US uses these bases as normally and for own military bases. Its call "rented" military bases. Other words it call non-military bases delusion. Got it?

    Like Area 51. "there is no military base"! It also call lying to people.

  8. Don't need all of those bases anyway. The Stealth bombers fly from the mainland US. Israel could handle the Middle East by themselves.

  9. About Diego Garcia Naval base – looks like we made some more friends in the world – "Although Diego Garcia once had a small native population, the inhabitants, known as the Ilois, or the Chagossians, were forced to relocate (1967–1973) so that the island could be turned into the U.S. military base. Most of the roughly 1,500 displaced Chagossians were agricultural workers and fisherman. Uprooted and robbed of their livelihood, the Chagossians now live in poverty in Mauritius's urban slums, more than 1,000 miles from their homeland. A smaller number were deported to the Seychelles. About 850 islanders forced off Diego Garcia are alive today, and another 4,300 Chagossians have been born in exile. A 2003 60 Minutes segment and a 2004 documentary by Australian journalist and filmmaker John Pilger, Stealing a Nation, have done much to publicize the little-known plight of the islanders."

  10. CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS. From October 22 to 28, 1962, The United States and Russia were on
    the verge of a Nuclear War. Premiere Nikia Khrushchev was secreatly building missile bases on
    Cuban soi,l 90 miles off the Florida coast. President John F. Kennedy demanded Khrushchev
    remove all missile bases and contents from Cuba. President Kennedy also ordered a naval
    blockade of Cuba in order to prevent Russian ships from bringing additional missiles and
    construction materials to the Cuban island. For seven days the two leaders of the world's
    greatest nuclear super powers stared each other down until Premier Krushchev finally backed
    down and ordered all Soviet supply ships away from Cuba and agreed to removing all missilles
    from the Cuban mainland
    I don't blame Iran, one minute, for protecting their homeland and people, with whatever defenses they choose, from a potential attack from Israel or an invasion from the United States. President
    Obama needs to be a leader of his own country first, before he can even think of telling
    other countries what to do.

  11. My sister is going to an "island" outside Saudi Arabia and said she will be working with Navy Seals. What base is on an island outside SA and isn't that a dangerous place to be for a civilian worker?? She's on an addrenalin rush over this and I think she's nuts! Am I just over thinking all this? BTW… she is 59 years old.

  12. I think human rights organizations should take care ..isn't it a clear war from the US side .. Why hane these many bases is it for pease ,, I guess America tell the world so and the world believe so for several reasons -or forced to believe – but they are bull,!!, cause all the world know why these are for

  13. I appreciated your kind way of knowledge.Great Stuff Here.hope more to come about the map.Please update me more mapping information, thanks for this.

  14. Very poor map color choices…..Blue is always reserved to depict bodies of water…Geez, I don't know why though, but let me take a stab at it…..Because water is uh blue?

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