Governments Hunting Down Dissidents

WikiLeaks recently drew attention to the surveillance industrial complex with its release of the Spy files. The obvious truth about them still has not hit the mainstream media.

Reporters Without Borders:

“By equipping oppressive regimes and giving them the means to track and arrest cyber-dissidents and human rights activists, these companies become the accomplices of serious crimes. It is time to end the impunity they enjoy and to impose financial sanctions on them.”

6 thoughts on “Governments Hunting Down Dissidents”

  1. Let's not forget that this is all done with a wink and a nod by the so-called "democracies". They're just working out the bugs before using them on their own people.

  2. "The obvious truth about them still has not hit the mainstream media."

    I don't think the mainstream media, aka the Government's free press, really have a problem with this.

    This Saturday, December 10, marks the seventh anniversary of the suicide of reporter Gary Webb. Webb's career was destroyed by his own newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News (my local rag) for breaking the story of the CIA-Contra cocaine-running program. Even after Webb's vindication, he never again was allowed to work for a major newspaper.

  3. We have the truth and these control freaks are overdue to be replaced.
    Individuals who respect others’ privacy will take over

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