Deleted Comments

Dear Reader,

We are having technical problems with comments being deleted for no apparent reason. We are trying to restore them and correct this problem.

If you have any comments that get deleted from now on, please write to Angela Keaton at with your screen name and which article you commented on and we will restore it, this may also help us figure out the problem.

Thank you for your patience.

Eric Garris

22 thoughts on “Deleted Comments”

          1. Well maybe she is but this probably isn't the best place for that kind of thing?

            Angela, out of curiosity, when did these technical difficulties begin?

        1. just posted on the article on hitchens did a quick edit, for the first time ever i saw on the top of the comment "this comment is being moderated" and now its gone.

  1. It has appeared @ informationclearing house, you might check with them. could be hacking. see if there is a common thread to the opinions of the deleted. there are those who do not prize free speech or loyalty to America for that matter.

  2. None of my comments are ever posted. I never
    state anything offensive or outrageous.

    I figured that the posting limited to a closed group

  3. informationclearinghouse got the same problem at the same time. Tom Feeley there now has posted a statement that they were hacked. both ich and antiwar use intense debate. an autopsy report on the nature of the comments deleted would be interesting if it appears that they were not randomly selected. whose cage was being rattled by commenters?

  4. so every time i edit a post its gona be re-moderated and taken down for a while?
    thats a pain in the ass

  5. First, one cannot "trust" that when they click the "submit comment" button ….. that the comment will appear, NOT disappear into the ether!! Sometimes a message instantly appears… "Comment deleted by administrator" I believe that some links like Alex Jones..PP dot com cause such deletions……… The only problem with a system of such arbitrary deletions… is that for the poster their comment can be lost forever …… even if it took them hours to write ….. ALSO it is a strong disincentive to financial support of by those whose comments were summarily deleted and or lost….I know this from MY own personal history……….

    "we as always reserve the right to delete any comment at any time for any reason"

    Would it not be better for and the range of comments also…… to come up with [some, any] guidelines,..?? NOT your current autocratic blanket license….which among other things discourages commenting out of "the box…"

    You could still delete comments that were inaccurate or offensive, but at least there would be some logic and form to your policy….. Perhaps you there at could try a bit of the accountability which all of us expect of others ……

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