Catch a Glimpse of the Human Costs of the Drone War in Pakistan

As the presidential campaign drifts into its most petty and superficial, here is a reminder of what is important, of what Washington is all about and is likely to continue being all about unless Americans wake up and understand what U.S. terrorism around the world really is:

I recently wrote more extensively about the U.S. drone war in Pakistan: Secrecy Obstructs Accountability: How the Drone War Will Help Get Obama Reelected.

19 thoughts on “Catch a Glimpse of the Human Costs of the Drone War in Pakistan”

  1. US should be tried for gross human rights violations and War Crimes as defined under Title 18, U.S. Code Section 2241 and under International Law before International Tribunal on War Crimes.

  2. I've never seen a few seconds better encapsulate the massive difference between the state and the people of a country. It's like the worst and best of "America" in one brief story: graphic evidence of the war-criminal tactics of the US government seared into the face of a child, who got some help from kind Americans.

    She and all the victims like her ought to be the biggest reason to stop war—not the money, not Americans first, but what happens to innocent lives so callously called "collateral damage." It's also critical for Americans to realize that when you let Washington DC speak and act for you, to a lot of the world, that is the message.

    1. Your comments are dead on! It is so unfortunate in general that governments are considered to be representive of its subjects. I don't want or agree with any of these policies, yet I am helpless to stop it. There should be signed letters from all of us (or perhaps You Tube videos?) sent to the major newspapers of these parts of the world, apologizing for this, and letting them know that not all Americans support this.

  3. The area was "Taliban-infested," says CNN. Then I guess *shrug* this is just an unfortunate side effect of the struggle against violent extremism. *smile* The moral responsibility really lies with those who would resist our pacification.

  4. I particularly like the tone-deaf closing line "Five days before Christmas, Shakira remains thankful." As any good little Afghan girl should just before Christmas.

    1. there needs to be a mass uproar as the us govt ZOG has become a hypocritical obstacle to the christian roots of the USA. Even secular christians note Christmas celebrations have become a bare symbol of a lost national soul

      1. Me not expecting my comment to publish, Well this was the first think come to my mind after watching above video…

        1. You are right
          F-ck you USA
          I hope the next Tsunami or major natural disaster hits you pieces of shit

          1. I doubt that Geroge Washington would use such inferior language. Sounds more like a typical birdbrained racist redneck scum who overreacted about a stupid comment by Hasan.

  5. I doubt that George Washington would use such inferior language. Sound more like a typical birdbrained racist redneck scum who overreacted about a stupid comment by Hasan. Merry Christmas!

      1. And you sound more like an ivory tower pomo noble savages are cool moral relativist who overreacted to a stupid comment by GW. This is fun.

  6. blame not zioist controlled military industrial fascism, blame pakis for not having betetr aerospace engineering programs to train the enginers neeeds to develop anti-aircraft and anti-drone surface to air missles

  7. Yeah, because we all know that Obama the Peace Laureate is going to end the wars, evacuate the military bases, bring the troops home and shrink the military down to the size necessary only for territorial defence.

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