Due to a negligent misreading of an AP news report, I posted a story which incorrectly reported that Israel did not follow up on its promise to swap an additional 550 Palestinian prisoners after its first phase of 477. The full swap already took place.

We want our readers to feel confident that the information we post on is accurate, and I realize this error strains those expectations. I apologize to the readers for the irresponsible mistake.

27 thoughts on “Correction”

  1. it was not a mistake
    it was a lie

    and it was not your first lie
    and for sure not your last lie

    that is how hate-driven people work …

  2. Making mistakes are easy, we all make them. Apologizing for mistakes is not easy, it takes class.

  3. What you should have written "Due to the fact that I always try to present Israel in the most negative light, regardless of the facts, I did not feel the need to do any due diligence and posted another anti-Israel post."

    1. The fact that John posted a public correction as soon as he realized his error is more than enough proof that your allegation is completely baseless.

  4. Glaser's correction and humble explanation makes me trust even more than I did before. Well done! Keep up the excellent work..

    1. I don't see anything humble about it. He says "We want our readers to feel confident" like he was his own managing editor, which he probably is. Personally, I haven't trusted AntiWar since it failed to mention Scott Ritter's imprisonment. In addition, Sibel Edmonds (still listed as a contributor) says comments she posts are deleted and enquiries she sends are ignored.

      1. As his own managing director he gave himself a pretty strong reprimand there; "a negligent misreading" and "the irresponsible mistake".

        1. Yes, I suppose so. Being reproved by oneself, even in public, isn't as humiliating as being reproved by other people. But anyway, the subsequent points I make are not trivial. They raise very disquieting questions, and I'm glad to have an opportunity to bring them up. Ritter was one of the most important informed critics of the Iraq war. He fell into a honey-trap online. Sibel Edmonds has an unparalleled network of contacts internationally and terrific courage, though she can be a bit frivolous occasionally. One has to wonder why these people are being marginalised. My own speculation would be that in the context of the upcoming US elections, AntiWar is becoming an instrument of a faction within the GOP, which naturally will strive for respectability, and therefore consciously or unconsciously will steer more and more away from people tarred with any sort of political or moral suspicion. In the end, it will become as tedious and divorced from reality (ahem) as, for instance the organs of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.


          1. Wait a minute…… this is, as Evey said in V4V, "…Too weird."

            Ritter was convicted for "having unlawful contact with a minor," as the result of a chat-room relationship with an adult who was pretending to be a minor? R U Fu**ing Kidding Me !?!?!

            Can somebody out there help me out here? Exactly where, when, and how did Ritter have contact with anybody or anything, except himself? And, exactly where, when, and how did masturbation become a crime? Did he broadcast it live over the iNet? Is THAT illegal?

            We don't need to Worry About No Ayo-Tallahs over there in I-Ran….. we evidently have more than our fair share already here. To say nothing of perverted cops who have nothing better to do than to pretend they are 15 year-old nymphomaniacs.

            Why does this smell like the Assange (WikiLeaks) Lie? This weren't no "honeypot," my friend. This is a Sh**Pot." A festering, slithering, sliming Shi*Pot.

            ps: aW still hasn't "approved" my question about Edmunds. hmmmmmmmm,

          2. Is there a FREE SCOTT like there was/is a FREE MUMIA Like…. is anybody out there (Left or Right) as concerned about freeing an accused Truth-Sayer as they are about an accused cop-killer? Is it about Black and White? Or Lies About WMDs and a 200-year history of racism?

            i am totally completely and unabashedly embarrassedly honest with you, niqnaq….. i had not heard of this before until i happened upon your Comment on the aW "Correction."

            Do you, as i tried to ask on this Forum but have not yet been able while awaiting "site admins approval," have a source for your statement about Edmunds' claim to have her aW posts deleted and enquiries ignored?

            lemme know: be safe.


          3. No 'Free Scott Ritter' as far as I know. It shouldn't be too hard to find out which prison he is in and to write to him expressing sympathy and support. I'm sure he would appreciate that very much. It must be horrid in there. However, he is an ex-Marine, so I dare say he is managing to look after himself OK.

            Sibel has posted several times on her blog expressing frustration regarding AntiWar, which she says won't even talk to her. Her blog is at

            The first thing you will see there is an article by Maidhc Ó Cathail on this very subject. He has written a few times previously about His blog is at

      2. Sibel Edmunds is one of the most important resources in the effort to expose the Lie, Hoax, Sham, and Scam of the "Official Conspiracy Story" of the so-called "Terror Event" of September 11, 2001.

        Would you be so kind as to link us to Exactly WHERE Sibel Edmunds says that her "posts are deleted" and that her "enquiries are ingnored"?

        Do you have real information, or arte you just blowing smoke?

        1. A comment asking "niqnaq" to provide sources for his statement about Sibel Edmunds was immediately flagged with the Comment: Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly.

          If THIS Comment gets posted, i will say this: i look forward to your approval or explanation for dis-approval.

      3. Sibel Edmunds is one of the most valuable and credible Sources in the War to expose the Lie, Hoax, Sham, and Scam of the so-called "Terror Event" of September 11, 2001.

        Do you have a link to read her own words that her "posts are deleted" or that her "enquiries…are ignored"?

        1. yeah, yeah, yeah, it's all on boiling frogs. E.G.:… near the end.

          Maidhc Ó Cathail's enormous analysis of is no longer at the top cos sibel has posted something unrelated since. It's here:

          Previous Sibel complaints re, again near the end of each:

  5. Glaser's Freudian slip presents and interesting question; why is his default position anti-Israel. Why is it "assumed" Israel is always in the wrong?

    From an anti-war position Israel's main fault seems to be it hasn't lost. The 4 wars its started (Suez, Lebanon x2, Gaza) could all be justified (the blocking of the Suez canal to Israeli shipping, an act of war on Egypts behalf, PLO then Hezballah attacks from Lebanon, Hamas from Gaza). The Arabs surely are just as "pro-War" as Israel they've attacked Israel en masse in '47,'67, '73 and with relentless terrorism. People talk about the "blockade of Gaza" being illegal but never mention the Arab boycott of Israel which is often illegal under international law. Jews are banned from being citizens or buying property in 79% of mandate Palestine (Jordan) and the PLO ambassador to the USA recently said no Jews may be citizens of Palestine. How is this not illegal/immoral?

    The Arabs currently occupy and suppress Kurdistan, the Berbers, Western Sahara and various Muslim countries occupy Cyprus, Irian Jaya but we never ever hear about these nations.

    Israel traded 1000 Palestinians (often murderers) for 1 soldier but somehow it's assumed is somehow at fault or will relent on the deal. Glaser has shown his carelessness and ignorance. He had to apologise to try and save his reputation, this is not an act of courage but of desperation.

  6. This is a test to see if this comment, too, will be subject to "site admins" approval, as was my Reply to "Niqnaq"'s comment about Ritter and Edmunds above, asking, particularly, for Sources on his Edmunds claim.. Sent at 01090010 ast .

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