Regarding “rising tensions in the Gulf”

Pearl of wisdom from a Union private crossing the Rappahannock into Fredericksburg, December 1862:

Shit! They want us to get in. Getting out won’t be quite so smart and easy. You’ll see.

Apparently Shelby Foote’s The Civil War: A Narrative hasn’t worked its way into US naval doctrine yet.

3 thoughts on “Regarding “rising tensions in the Gulf””

  1. Given that military establishments are institutionally incapable of learning lessons from past disasters, it isn't surprising that such simple wisdom from a lowly pawn in the trenches (ain't that where military wisdom almost always comes from?) has gone unheeded.

  2. Both US and Iran should be able to control not to increase tensions in Gulf. It is for everybody life. There is no benefits at all. For US please do not lie about the fact as in Iraq war. People in the world have known about the truth. If US is still going to create new war, the impact will be higher than Iraq war.

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