Destroying Palestinian Homes and Driving Tractors Over Their Legs

From AFP over the weekend:

The United Nations has called on Israel to immediately halt the destruction of Palestinian homes in the West Bank after reporting a dramatic rise in demolitions in the past year.

Israeli forces destroyed 622 Palestinian homes in the West Bank in 2011, “forcibly displacing” almost 1,100 people, over half of them children, according to a UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs report.

This is, of course, nothing new. The UN repeatedly recognizes many of Israel’s actions as unacceptable or illegal. The blockade on Gaza is another frequent one, but the forcible displacement of Palestinians in the West Bank is probably the most prevalent. The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), submitted a report in September to three of the UN’s Special Rapporteurs claiming that Israel’s actions in East Jerusalem violate international law, may constitute a war crime, and asked for an investigation into these practices. It says Israel is “forcing the migration process on the basis of ethnicity – which violates international law, and is possibly a war crime.”

As is so common when talking about human rights abuses with a bird’s eye view, the true nature of what it means to destroy Palestinian homes, build new settlements, and prevent them from building their own homes is obscured and indistinct. Which brings us to another incident that occurred over the weekend: a Palestinian man was building a house in the occupied West Bank in violation of Israeli rules of domination. As Philip Weiss explained it: “The man refused to move. The Israeli army drove a tractor over his legs. The tractor belonged to the Palestinians. The Israeli army had seized it. The man was hospitalized.”

More information and photographs here.

There is a single reason this kind of daily abuse and illegality continues, and it doesn’t have anything to do with Israeli intransigence. That single factor is American support.

3 thoughts on “Destroying Palestinian Homes and Driving Tractors Over Their Legs”

  1. Israel – first in apartheid. Israel – first to bulldoze American peace activists. Israel – first to kill innocent Americans in international waters. Israel – first to attack the USS Liberty. Israel – first to demean and brutalize Palestinians. Israel – first, second, third, and blah blah blah. Hey Spencer Ackerman? Kiss my really white tookas.

    1. Israel enemies practice apartheid.

      But as you know the antiwar movement has no problem with racism just as long as it is directed at the right people . is a brown shirt site

      1. ISRAEL FIRSTER ALERT!You're drunk homer. Sober up, take a Prozac, chill for a while, and then and then rethink your premise and call us in the morning.

  2. And never forget (especially on April 15) that the money the murderous criminals in DC steal from you goes to fund this sh*t!

    Never forget that the AmeriKan government is a government of the criminals, by the criminals and for the criminals and is the most successful criminal enterprise in the history of the world. And the average brainwashed AmeriKan Sheeple has no clue!

    1. Right , You are saving us from the corrupt democracy which must be bypassed so you are taking your case to the people.

      That is exactly the claim Hitler made and he would smile at you and everything you stand for you neo nazi clown

    1. In 1948 Israel's enemies launched a war of war of annihilation where all the jews of the area even the arab jews would have been killed or expelled .That's a war crime or an attempted war crime.

      Israel's enemies sided with the nazis during WWII even helped Hitler with the holocaust . That's a war crime.

      Israel's enemies persecute their minorities and persecuted arab and mideast jews in response to Israel .That's war crime.

      Here is a good reason for Israel for now . It is that

      Bathists , Khomeni followers and Al Qaedists and anyone of a similar

      ideological persuasion can't be trusted to govern or protect their minorities.

      Bathists , Khomeni followers and Al Qaedists and those a similar

      ideological persuasion are all facist bigots.

  3. It's been "us and them" for decades now here in the US. Even Abe Lincoln had to fend the banksters off. When are we going to get our government back? We need to take action and be involved. We have to raise our kids to know their rights. Become a delegate, get involved in your town politics, be a voice for justice and the rule of law. We need to be empowered to overthrow the establishment. Until we do, it is money and the quest for it, that will rule the world and no one will be safe.

  4. Israel needs to get the conflict over with once and for all. They need to force the Palestinians out in one final push – Andrew Jackson style. A new regional war would be great cover to do this.

  5. In 1948 Israel's enemies launched a war of war of annihilation where all the jews of the area even the arab jews would have been killed or expelled .That's a war crime or an attempted war crime.

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