Senate Calls for Obama to Push Iran Internet Freedom

The Senate’s latest in an interminable number of anti-Iran resolutions, in addition to including the usual “crippling sanctions,” calls on President Obama to “develop a more robust Internet freedom strategy for Iran.”

Iran, like a number of nations, does censor the Internet. They use a content control system to do so, similar to the censorship regime of China or, a bit closer to home, the one that the US would’ve created under SOPA and its Senate counterpart, PIPA.

The resolution, the Johnson-Shelby Iran Sanctions, Accountability and Human Rights Act of 2012, is sponsored primarily by Sen. Tim Johnson (D – SD).

This is noteworthy because Sen. Johnson is also a co-sponsor for PIPA. Apparently freeing Iran’s Internet and unfreeing America’s are not mutually exclusive goals.

4 thoughts on “Senate Calls for Obama to Push Iran Internet Freedom”

  1. Not to mention ACTA, a global treaty not really democratically accountable to anyone even in theory.

  2. "Freedom," in the minds of the American political elite, is a weapon to be used to smash enemies. The elites find "freedom" especially effective if it is coupled with high explosives.

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