Liberals Love “Liberty Drones”

New Washington Post polling data reveal that liberals strongly approve of Obama’s drone assassination policy – even when it is used to kill American citizens. Overall, 83% of Americans approve of Obama’s drone killing policy.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) is raising hell about the administration’s secrecy – demanding that they at least release the confidential memo that explains why the President has the right to order secret killings. But the Obama administration is stonewalling in the best Dick Cheney fashion. ‘

The following poster – entitled Liberty Drones – beautifully captures the depravity of Obama’s policy. (The artist, Tom Blanton, has a bunch of great art work at the PoliCulture page of his Flickr photos. Tom is also the mastermind of the Project for the New American Revolution).

It is sad when the battlelines for the defense of liberty have retreated so far that it is necessary to argue that it is imprudent to permit Presidents to secretly kill one’s fellow citizens.

10 thoughts on “Liberals Love “Liberty Drones””

  1. David, I can't speak for Mr. Bovard, but the headline reflects my observation that liberals love Liberty Drones while conservatives favor Freedom Drones. But regardless of one's politics, Drone Lovers everywhere will feel sensations of patriotism in their genitals when these majestic Drones can be seen in the blue skies over America protecting us from the extremists that hate Liberty Drones and Freedom Drones.

      1. Obama practices the policies of appeasement and leads from behind. We might as well have Jane Fonda or the Dixie Chicks as CNC.

        1. The Dixie Chicks were RIGHT about Bush's lying war that imbeciles like YOU supported.
          Fonda was right about Vietnam.

          1. If Obama gets reelected, he’ll probably continue his current policies and appoint his spiritual advisor Jeremiah Wright as special envoy to Iran. Obama and Wright will attend a summit in Tehran where they'll meet with Ahmadinejad to discuss all options available to most effectively wipe Israel off the map, as well as make plans for the Islamic takeover of the US…while they laugh, feast on kabobs, and sip Sharbateh with the Ayatollahs at the Mosque at the same time. My guess is that San Francisco and Hollywood are the two frontrunners on the shortlist of City's being considered as the new Capital of the US.

          2. No, Ben, I think the picture is different. Obama will reach out and make friends with Iran before he leads a NATO bombing strike against them. No-fly zone first, regime change next, then what, who knows, WWIII?

            Certainly, Washington DC will remain the capitol. It will end up being a walled fortress city designed to protect the political elite and their supporting cast.

  2. Ben, I lived in central Tel Aviv for two years and at least there people like you were regarded as nutcases no different than other Nazis. My Jewish Mom (Sarah Israel) warned me that Ashkenazi
    men were the worst kind of Nazis, so I made sure to date only Palestinian A-Rabs and Ethiopian Jews,
    they were the best of lovers if you get my drift……….
    Now go turn on The Savage Michael Weiner and pound it off good !

    1. Marcy, I'm not entirely sure what any of that has to do with Barack Neville Hussein Chamberlain Osama-Obama; however, I view Obama as a mixed blessing… Yeah, we have to put up with him for another year–possibly 5. Be that as it may, this Country (the US) had shifted so far to the 'Left' in terms of "Defense" and "National Security" we ended up with the lily livered liberal President George W. Bush… Sure, things started well, but "Bring 'Em On" soon turned into "Bringing Freedom", as Bush pranced around the Nation claiming "Islam is the Religion of Peace" and holding hands with the Saudi Prince… Not only that, Bush was portrayed as some sort of 'Right Wing' nutcase…yeah…that's how extreme 'Left' and crazy our Nation had become…James Madison was no doubt spinning in his grave.

    2. (…)
      But Obama has 'changed' all that with his radical 'Left Wing' pacifist Defense and National Security policies the American people are now rejecting… He's completely "shifted the goalposts", if you will, in terms of the national dialogue and what people expect from their Government…and finally some serious Presidential candidates are talking sense for once in at least my lifetime…

    3. (…)
      For example: Rick Santorum wants to bomb Iran simply to maintain the 'image' of strength… Newt Gingrich correctly reminds us that the Courts serve no other purpose than to legitimize whatever the Executive and/or Legislative branches of government do. Romney has correctly explained that indefinite detentions are necessary and it would simply be impossible for a US President to abuse such a power because: 1. Any POTUS is essentially one step away from being 'God', if not 'God' himself, and 2. The "American People" are perfect so there is simply no way they would elect a President who would not reflect their "perfect" values, judgment, and character (ignoring Obama, that is, if he wants to remain consistent).

  3. Ben, I'm getting tired of your stupid anti-Arab racism. Your an idiot and any more responses from you will be deleted unread.

  4. I have to point out that the poll said 53% of self-identified liberal DEMOCRATS (I saw the original WP article) approved the policy. Partisanship is a mental disorder.

  5. Sure, and all "conservatives" love war, are racist, are homophobes, and are of low intelligence, right?

    Can we stop these foolish generalizations now? As a leftist who opposes war and Obama, I work with many, many other "liberals" who are trying to stop Obama's immoral, illegal drone bombing & drone assassination programs, and who work to oppose the Empire. I read every day and share its articles. What do you gain from stereotyping liberals, many of whom are as anti-war and anti-Empire as you?

    The whole "conservative vs. liberal" routine is old and tired in 2012. I suggest the true dichotomy: those who oppose Empire and support compassion vs. those who do not. Wake up, already!

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  7. Drone Lovers everywhere will feel sensations of patriotism in their genitals when these majestic Drones can be seen in the blue skies over America

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