Will Obama Warn America Before Attacking Iran?

Speaking before a broad collection of the Israeli Lobby at AIPAC, President Obama followed up a week of repeated threats to attack Iran by warning of “loose talk” about attacking Iran.

We learned last week that Israel, the presumptive aggressor in he upcoming war, won’t warn the United States before starting a war that US officials have already committed us to join. But suppose President Obama decides to start the war somewhere along the line – will he be any more likely to warn the United States before doing so?

Recent history certainly leaves open some doubts. Last week US ground troops were attacked in Aden, Yemen, despite repeated Obama Administration insistences that ground troops would not be sent to Yemen. The US Pacific Commander Admiral Willard let several cats out of the bag in reporting on US special forces already operating in five countries, including India, none of which were known to have US ground troops.

In October President Obama announced the deployment of US ground troops to Uganda to fight Christian militants, with no public dialogue beforehand, and last month announced, after the fact, that those troops had fanned out into several neighboring nations. When jumping into the Libyan Civil War last year, President Obama used a UN call for a no-fly zone as justification, and openly fought Congress to avoid ever seeking Congressional authorization.

Though President Bush was no less unilateral about his use of military aggression, in retrospect it seems that his confidence about the inherent virtue and praiseworthiness of military adventure at least kept him very public about his decisions, and invasions such as the 2003 attack on Iraq were prefaced with months of brow-beating and lying to convince the public of the wisdom of the action.

President Obama’s administration has eagerly proffered lies about Iran’s “threat” to the American public here and there over the past several years, but has done so in the context of sanctions while constantly insisting that the military option is a “last choice” and not the preferred action. Even today’s comment about “loose talk” suggests that the US decision to go to war is liable to come with little to no public discussion beforehand.

Obama has never seemed anywhere near so interested in conning the public into supporting his wars. In December 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly mocked the notion that massive public opposition could affect US foreign policy, insisting no amount of popular discontent would keep them from continuing to occupy Afghanistan. In this environment of secrecy the American public may well be the last to know about a US attack on Iran.

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  1. "In December 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly mocked the notion that massive public opposition could affect US foreign policy, insisting no amount of popular discontent would keep them from continuing to occupy Afghanistan."

    Yup, our government masters could not care less what us proles think. In their eyes we just don't add up to jack sh*t.

    They have no problem using our money and blood to carry out their mass murders regardless of how opposed we may be.

    We truly have a government of criminals that is out of control. The people who founded this country would overthrow this POS government in 2 seconds if they were around today.

  2. US foreign policy consists of two options: bribe or bomb. Those willing to do our bidding get mountains of borrowed money Americans can't possibly pay back. Anyone straying off the reservation get sanctions, followed by shock and awe, then regime change.

    In other words, we have a rogue state led by control freaks and psychopaths. They don't care about us, and they certainly don't care about the countless people they're killing overseas.

    It it really quite amazing how brazen these thugs are. When does sanity prevail?

    1. When you're elected thanks to AIPAC's money, you've been bought by Israel whether you're congressman, governor or president. Israel is a terrorist state that uses the US cover for its activities (fake passports, billions of $ handout in weapons and cash, etc…). You're living in a banana republic controled by a zionist mafia. Those who go to the poll do not understand that what they see in D.C is a mere democratic illusionism.

    2. Actually its bribe, then starve to death, then bomb. Like a serial killer, the US government likes to torture its victims before killing them and gets an orgasmic thrill of power while doing so.

      Theres no one left inside our borders to do this to anymore (i.e native americans, blacks, mexicans, hawiians) so they go overseas

  3. warning or not, they better not friggin attack any more countries around the world in my name and with my money

  4. Why should he? The Constitution no longer applies – it is just a piece of paper. We have rule by dictat.

  5. Football season is long over, it's time to give the peons their bread and circus before they revolt.

  6. Unhappy American public does not know that Libya is already 12,000 U.S. troops. Libya to destroy the US-NATO, killing nearly a hundred thousand people – carpet bombing ((. By order of the Obama killed the children, grandchildren, and most of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya … We (the richest in the last year the state of Africa) – like Somalia – and all of because of the US-NATO

  7. Very important issue covered here. Not only with they not get a congressional vote or even authorization but the people might not even know. They don't even bother with propaganda for wars anymore. But to what degree do the American people even care about these issues?

    1. They dont care, they get too distracted by the latest hijinks of lady gaga, or which kardashian has the biggest butt.

  8. Obama stated in his AIPAC address that excessive public discussion would undermine the security of the US and Israel so it seems like you're right. I guess these guys are even past the manufacture of consent, they're not even bothered if we agree with them or not they're just going to go ahead with it.

  9. So sad that this New World Order has brought us to this. If your over 50 you understand Vietnam. The youth today no not of true history so accept their consequences. Even so as we protest like the Tea Partiers or Occupy Wall Street we are met with massive police state supression. As much as I and my friends like to make change we are overwhelmed by resistance in many forms. The "Elite" powers have their own agenda. If you make enough enemies eventually you will not have a country. America is reaching that point soon. For us average Americans is to save yourself and leave the country to a safer haven. If America wins these wars then subverting its citizenry to slavery and total police state control is not far off. Sad compared the what America used to be.

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