Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead

In an otherwise OK report on the attorney general’s assassination address, Adam Serwer of Mother Jones quips, “There won’t be any drone strikes in Denver anytime soon.” I say, “Wanna bet?”

I mean it. I assume that “Denver” is a synecdoche, so Serwer just needs to clarify “soon” and we can start haggling over the extent to which his wealth will be redistributed.

Let’s run down what we know: The current administration has asserted the legal authority to assassinate U.S. citizens without any external oversight. Non-citizens might as well be insects; they can be obliterated at the whim of a lowly joystick operator. Even if you trust Barack the Benevolent to draw some bright line at drone use within the borders of the United States, he may not be president 10 and a half months from now, and he certainly won’t be five years from now. Drones are proliferating among domestic law-enforcement agencies at all levels. So far, these craft are unarmed, but how long before some smart manufacturer or deranged authoritarian suggests using armed drones to preserve the sanctity of the Rio Grande? Wouldn’t that save the lives of our brave ICE officers? And so on, with the DEA, the FBI, and the rest.

The first drone assassination on American soil may not happen on Obama’s watch, but it will undeniably be part of his legacy.

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  1. "Barack the benevolent…" That's a good one Matt. Say, aren't the dang drones crashing out the sky in Texas? I do believe that is the case. Heck, they won't have to arm the fool things. Simply crash one on the citizens and fait accompli.

  2. I took a GOP ballot in today's primary just so I could vote for Ron Paul. I don't agree with him on everything, but he is the only candidate from any party who might actually attempt to dismantle the empire and our police state.

  3. note: "things to do in denver when you're dead" is a great flick. steve buscemi plays a great character called "mr. shhhh"

  4. Matt Bombardier is 100% right.

    I guarantee you it's coming. The question is not if but when.

    Just let the on going drug shooting war in Mexico spill over the border a bit more and then it's on.

    And once these drone assassinations start it will be a very long time before they end.

    1. Of course, Mr. Fast and Furious Holder wouldn't be stirring the pot by helping to run guns into Mexico now would he?

  5. The problem with the Adam Serwers of the world is that 10 years ago they would have been saying, "surveillance drones over Cleveland? How perfectly paranoid!" as they tittered about tin foil hats and 1984. Most people won't accept things will happen until they actually do and then it's too late to stuff the genie back into the bottle.

    Great points Matt. And love Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead.

  6. I predicted this back in October or November last year and was laughed at. Not being an American, I can't exactly say I'm unhappy. The evil that the US has done it now does to itself.

  7. "Commodus the Merciful"

    You know Denver does mean something: it is the birthplace of the son of American bug-splat al-Awlaki. After they took out the dad, they circled around for a few weeks and found the 16 yr old ex-Colorado Rockies kid who was with friends having a picnic or party or something, and killed them all. Send not to know for whom the Raid Can sprays or the fly-swatter hits, Maggots!

    Of course this as illegal as if a Mexican drug lord took out a rival. The claim the Congress gave them the power but the Congress doesn't have it to give (Art. 1, sec. 9 of that "quaint document" – as Bush's AG Alberto Gonzales called our Constitution – forbids a Bill of Attainder deprivation of due process by the Congress – so you see, they cannot give the President permission since they lack it).

    Who's the outlaw now?

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