Dear Department of Justice: Please Investigate Your Old Boss for Material Support of Terrorism!

Dear Department of Justice and Department of Treasury Officials:

We might have just helped you bag another material supporter of terrorism this week! And you’ll never believe who the culprit is! We were even able to tape record some of his own damning admissions! (That’s the reason for my calls last week to your duty attorneys and media offices.)

As you know, Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control has an ongoing investigation into several high profile former political figures, trying to discover their financial transactions with the terrorists in the Mujaheddin e Khalq aka “MEK”. One of the former political officials apparently being investigated for his financial transactions and paid advocacy on behalf of MEK is former Attorney General Michael Mukasey. Well Mukasey happened to get tapped on March 15 to give an “ethical leadership” speech at the University of St. Thomas Law School and some of us went to hear what he had to say. As an aside, the overall thrust of his speech was anything but ethical. Instead he mostly defended the Bush Administration and its lawyers for having used their talents “to push the legal limits” of what the Executive Branch could do in its “war on terror”. (Of course there are many legal scholars who think those Bush attorneys pushed over the legal limits.) He especially defended John Yoo and Robert Delahunty (now a St. Thomas law professor) who working in Bush’s Office of Legal Counsel, co-wrote memos in early 2002 claiming the U.S. did not have to follow the Geneva Conventions. Researchers have since gained evidence through multiple interviews of returned soldiers that the major factor in U.S. troops’ having committed atrocities and abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as terrible torture of detainees was their being told they no longer had to follow the Geneva Conventions. But Mukasey didn’t seem to care much about any abuses or torture. In fact, although he refused to answer during his Senate Confirmation hearing whether waterboarding was torture, he explicitly declared that waterboarding is not torture and therefore was/is not illegal as practiced by CIA contractors.

Of course we are well aware of Obama’s instructions for you to never look backward when it comes to the torture crimes but here’s the part that could allow you to put the handcuffs on your old boss for his new and apparently ongoing terrorist crimes! After Mr. Mukasey completed his initial speech, he was confronted in a rather light but savvy way by another panelist, Attorney John Lundquist, about his (Mukasey’s) paid advocacy for the Iranian terrorist group, Mujaheddin e Khalq (MEK) which the U.S. State and Treasury Departments have long designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). Mukasey admitted being paid by MEK and admitted he and his friends are in a group helping the terrorist group by advocating for their removal from the FTO list. Mukasey later inexplicably added that he still supports the 2009 Holder v Humanitarian Law Project Supreme Court Decision (which held that such advice and assistance as he’s admittedly providing in coordination with a designated foreign terrorist organization falls within “material support of terrorism” even if it’s nothing but speech). Since ignorance of the law is no defense, Mukasey’s proffered explanation that MEK did not tell him what to say, just inculpates him further, doesn’t it?! He insisted that as long as MEK did not write his speech, his acceptance of the terrorist organization’s money and his meetings with MEK members to coordinate his appearances and advocacy are not enough to get him into trouble.

To be sure, Mukasey also made a comment, kind of going on the offense in which he accused the Treasury of improperly targeting him and his political friends by looking into the handsome amounts of money they have all been paid by MEK. He claimed that the Treasury’s subpoenas looking into his and other high level former politicians’ payments from MEK stemmed from the filing of their amicus brief arguing for MEK to be removed from the terrorist organization list. A panelist then questioned Mukasey’s use of the Judiciary as somewhat hypocritical to second guess the Executive’s terrorist group designations since, throughout his speech, Mukasey had constantly denigrated the role of the judiciary in handling terrorism matters, repeatedly opining that the Judiciary is not equipped to have a role in what the Executive does to combat terrorism.

Hypocrisy aside, the real smoking gun here is that Mukasey admits he was paid handsomely by the MEK to advocate for them. (I’m sorry to say we failed to ask him to provide the actual dollar figure, but…) He didn’t deny that his “expert advice and assistance” to MEK was coordinated, only that the designated terrorist group did not dictate what he said.


What’s worse is that Mukasey and his MEK-paid friends scoff at the laws and government terrorist designations they insist on applying to others. As Attorney General, Mukasey undoubtedly ordered prosecutions of many Muslims for financial transactions with FTOs involving far less money than he’s been paid. In their January 2011 opinion piece “MEK Is Not a Terrorist Group“, Mukasey’s group discloses the perhaps bigger reason for their support of MEK than the thousands of dollars they were each paid, claiming that MEK “has provided valuable intelligence to the United States on Iranian nuclear plans”. Could that be their real motive? Could there be more money for Mukasey’s group in starting a new war whether based on a terrorist group’s lies or not? This situation should bring back memories of old scoundrel con-artist Ahmed Chalabi’s dissident group who, despite not being trusted by most CIA analysts, served the purpose nicely in conjuring up false evidence of Saddam’s WMD for Bush’s neo-con team to take us to war on Iraq. Could it be that Mukasey and friends want to polish up the MEK to gin up false intelligence for a new war on Iran similar to how James Woolsey, Richard Perle and others polished up and promoted Ahmed Chalabi’s disinfo group? Is it not true that credible news reports link the terrorist group MEK to the recent assassinations of Iranian scientists? Are MEK terrorists so reckless they are mistakenly even assassinating innocent Iranian electrical engineers? So not only does the MEK have a long past history of attacking civilians (and also killing U.S. troops) but they are currently assassinating scientists and students? And providing false “intelligence” to gin up a new war on Iran which, like Iraq, does not possess a nuclear bomb? So Mukasey and his political friends are working to welcome a terrorist organization into the fold to gin up war on Iran just as Chalabi’s group helped gin up war on Iraq?

Well I can’t answer all these questions from only hearing one Mukasey speech but it seems to me there is plenty of probable cause for you to investigate. I will keep the tape recording of the culprit’s damning admissions in a secure place and try to maintain a good chain of evidence if you ever need it. I recognize this situation undoubtedly puts current government authorities like yourselves in the extremely awkward position of looking into your former bosses, not only former AG Mukasey, but also former FBI Director Louis Freeh, former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani, Former Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge, former White House Counter Terrorism Advisor Fran Townsend, former UN Ambassador John Bolton, former Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean, etc. It’s obviously quite the example of where the Patriot Act’s broadening of the “material support” definition along with the Holder v Humanitarian Law Project’s broad interpretation can lead. (I’m on record, by the way, that the Holder v Humanitarian Law Project decision is wrong for just these reasons, that it impinges on freedom of speech, but as you well know and as good ole’ Janet Reno used to always say, “the law is the law!”) And don’t forget, in years gone by, when the law was applied fairly, it was applied equally to even corrupt presidents like Nixon, and to some of their politically appointed Attorney Generals if/when there was probable cause to believe they were involved in corrupt, unlawful actions.

(Original version published on Huffington Post.)

25 thoughts on “Dear Department of Justice: Please Investigate Your Old Boss for Material Support of Terrorism!”

  1. Rubbish, American civil war between right and left, anti-war and pro-intervention, and what and what, can't continue to be paid for from the pockets of Iran's patriots and freedom-lovers and to the benefit of Iran's reactionary mullahs and fascist relgious regime. Stop this BS and get to the facts. The fact is that a bipartisan coalition that American has never seen has finally through whatever you want to call it come to realise the dupe of the mullah regime in luring the Clinton Admin to put the MEK on this farcical list (FTO).

    1. Funny how all the guys keen to get MEK off the terrorist list are big friends of the israelis….

  2. the MEK were part of the Group that overthrew and entered the United States Embassy in Tehran they helped hold US Diplomatic staff Hostage. This is the group that Mukasey recieves money from and who he is helping.

    Is it getting that bad in America that even KNOWN terrorists that have attacked US interests are being called friends by the Neocons,

    1. If you're so ignorant not to know that the group that took hostages was led by Mullah Mussavi Khoeiniha, representative of Khomeini with the Students Following Imam's Line, and that this was an anti-MEK outfit trying to outmanouver leftist groups in Iran by ballyhooing against America, then I am sorry for you. First educate yourself.

  3. Nicely written, Colleen. If Amerika were anything other than a nation governed by criminals for the benefit of criminals, your letter might actually lead to some indictments.

  4. Departments Justice and Treasury will do absolutely nothing. Not against Mukasey nor Elmer Bolton nor Franchise Townsend nor even Dr. Screaming Dean. Bushco is free to roam the land of Amerika without fear of prosecution. Support for MEK is now chic and trendy if not entirely, highly profitable. Besides, the 'global war of terror' isn't about terrorism. The 'gwot' is about profiteering.
    Seems those MEKers have some really deep pockets.

    1. MEK pockets are as deep as their support with the Iranian people and Iranian Diaspora. Go figure.

      1. TROLL ALERT! Gots us a MEK troll working overtime. Yeah Hamid, says you. Where's the MEK really get their money from? Opium? Plenty of Afghan opium washing everywhere. Back in the day, it was Iran-Contra and Columbian cocaine. Similarities? I'd think so.

        1. You are as stupid as you sound spouting lies that you can't support with any evidence. Its just as easy for someone to say you're a dope dealer in your neighborhood. But where does that get you? Be smart and see that you're being played. MEK is not your enemy. If you got a fight with whoever you got it with, why go around looking like a fool regurgitating Mullahs' lies about MEK. Where does that get you? You get paid for it? Oh, btw, at least you can apply for that!…

          1. Oh Hamid you silly soul. Gotcha! Take a deep breath, unclench your sphincter, let your knickers unknot, and lighten up. MEK is declared by US government to be a terrorist organization. Not my doing, oh no. But alas and sadly, that is the case. I've no fight with MEK but, I'd gladly take up an exchange of insults with your dumb ass. You can't defend the indefensible. MEK murder any Iranian nuclear physicists on this fine day? And Hamid pal, you still do not answer the question, WHERE DOES THE MEK GET ALL IT'S MONEY? Troll on homer…

          2. Don't waste your time trying to reason with Hamid. He only believes what his cult leaders tell him. Nothing short of deprogramming will change that.

  5. So what if the MEK is declared by US State Dept as FTO? One minute you're with State and other minute you're against them? Come on, let's have some consistancy. Everybody knows that you're hiding your ignorance behind the State's expedient FTO listing of this freedom-loving group. Where is your critical review? Where is your evidence that MEK murdered those traitors working as the Mullahs' ass-lickers in the nuclear weapons program? Other than hearsay, you've got nothing. Also, you're deaf or blind it seems .. The MEK get their money from Iranian people… So eat your heart out…

  6. I see my link didn't work to Mukasey refusing to give a clear answer as to whether waterboarding is torture during his Senate Confirmation hearing so if you want to see how great (hypocritical) legal minds work:

  7. Nice to see Coleen Rowley roaming around and providing substance to spotlight the hypocrisy of [our..??] bought & paid for leaders…… making it clearer what a swindle we are living through…. & keeping herself relevant…. I truly believe Michael Mukasey to be a virtual syphilis chancre on the organ of American Justice……..

  8. Duh!!! Where does MEK get all the money Doc?
    Hey dude, you don't get it do you? They get it from Iranian people…. you know who that is?

    1. Hami, you're boring. Go shill somewhere else. I would very much doubt that the Iranian people give much money to MEK. MEK is terrorism wrapped neatly inside a cowardly sticky bomb. Believe me dumb ass, I understand MEK, you, and what this is all about. Mountains of laundered cash only profits Amerikan politicians. Say Hami? How's the weather in Tel Aviv anyway. Yeah, we know all about how the MEK is trained and controlled by Mossad. Bye bye shill-berg, I'm done with you.

      1. You are an absolute dud. The weather is good where I am and looking better you Mullah adoring bankrupt "dumb ass." You really could be making great money from the mullahs and here you are barking up the wrong tree you fool… You are raving against sticky bombs and Israel and Mossad as if I care. Rave as you like. Rave against any money-hungering American politician too. But you are on a fool's errand you buffoon when you rave against Iran's freedom-loving sons and daughters in MEK. This is a historical movement for freedom and you are a loser supreme in conflating and confusing issues. Just as I said at the start take your stupid civil war to your own turf and stop your foolish MEK bashing. You are smaller than that.

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