Breaking: Iranians Don’t Want to Be Bombed


Believe it or not, neoconservatives still justify attacking Iran by arguing that ordinary Iranians want a U.S. strike so that they can do away with this crummy old regime in Tehran (Jamie Fly of Foreign Policy Initiative and Helle Dale of the Hertiage Foundation both come to mind). When they’re not arguing that themselves, they’re peddling unhinged Iranian expats who argue the same (we all know what a good indicator that was in the case of Iraq!).

11 thoughts on “Breaking: Iranians Don’t Want to Be Bombed”

  1. Death is a big part of "freedom". So is "tyranny". Although initially this concept may "seem" counter intuitive; it makes perfect sense and is logically sound if you really 'think' about it. For example: the "people" of the Gaza strip have been "freed" from the burden of making the decision about how much to eat as an aggregate. Israel has "brought freedom" by counting the calories that go into Gaza…so the "people" of Gaza are "free" from all the 'hassle' of making such a 'decision' on their own. Being "free" from 'decisions' takes all the guesswork out of life and is "emancipating"…

    In a similar way: some in the US and Israel want to "free" the people of Iran by choosing an acceptable form of government for them via the use of military force. These same people in the US and Israel would also like to choose the actual "rulers" who will head up such a government in Iran. This is just more "freedom" spreading throughout the world. What's not to like or is unclear?

  2. Jamie Fly and Helle Dale remind me of Lenin wanting to break a few eggs to make an omellete. The problem with this is we are not speaking about eggs but people, and usually to bring about the socialist or democratic nirvana requires the death of not a few people, but the death of a few hundred thousand (sometimes millions) people. Moreover, according to scripture, it is not permisable to do evil so good may come of it.

  3. Hear, Hear! What a surprise – Iranians would rather have this government than death and mayhem spread by Israelis and US and UK and NATO (I am sure they would join in! After all "when one of us attacks some country we all have to do so" in perverted NATO mission statement). You want more enemies through the world? Bomb, kill, torture more – and you will get them! You can not kill all who think differently Mr. Obama, and Mr. Netenyahoo. Live and let live – that's true humanism and democracy.

  4. yes, there's plenty of people who want to be bombed to be free. It's the Yankees themselves.
    Right now they have wanted to be strip-searched to be "free". Next is to be bombed by their own Army to be free. Don't laugh.. it's true.

  5. Well, the Iranians rightly don't want to be bombed into the stone age.

    But then again, Afghanistan was already in the stone age when the US attacked and look how successful that was…. ;)

  6. 'Shock 'n Awe' can be quite impressive. It all depends on the size of your set, a home theatre set-up and whether or not you like watching the news. Other than that you'll have to get your war giggles from Hollywood, or a first person shooter like the real men.

    But it's best when there is no one shooting back.

  7. Okay this was an obvious fake. Everyone knows that in Iran people all ride donkeys and the women are covered head to foot and they pray in the middle of the street 10 times a day, foam at the mouth as they, glassy-eyed, repeat what the imam says, and don't have advanced stuff like cars and stores and TV's; otherwise they'd be just like us. Now, how silly is that?
    Aside from all that, any country that doesn't want to be bombed for its own good is clearly evil and really needs to be bombed for its own good. Ingrates.

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