BREAKING — US Embassy in Kabul: “Duck and cover”!

A couple of hours after Obama’s “stay the course” oration from Kabul, the boys at the US Embassy in that city are diving under their desks. Explosions are rocking the  city, and the Embassy itself seems to be in the crossfire.  Here‘s the latest, direct from the Embassy. Here‘s a tight-lipped Reuters report.

“My fellow Americans,” intoned the President a mere two and a half hours ago, “we’ve travelled through more than a decade under the dark cloud of war. Yet here, in the pre-dawn darkness of Afghanistan, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon.”

The only light on the horizon in Afghanistan, apparently, is the flashing of Taliban guns. As US Embassy personnel cower in their offices, how long before the myth of American “progress” in defeating the insurgency is definitively deflated?

9 thoughts on “BREAKING — US Embassy in Kabul: “Duck and cover”!”

  1. I'm expecting to see helicopters on the roof top at any moment…stay tuned…then how about Obammie pulling an LBJ…""I shall not seek, and I will not accept,…"

    1. This surely was Obama's war; the one he chose to escalate upon taking office.
      I recall speaking to the Christian husband of a Baptist minister here in London in January of 2009, and pointing out the comparisons with the Vietnam quagmire that many commentators in the US were now making.
      He assured me in his most authoritative voice that the Afghan war was a 'just' war, and that the differences re Vietnam were in fact legion. He was however at a loss when asked to elaborate, and after I alluded to the Pentagon Papers he asked me what they were. Just another example then, of what these days passes for an 'informed' intelligentsia.
      Meanwhile, there will be no LBJ moment for Obama because accountability is so twentieth century. It is the common people of Afghanistan who are the victims of this monumental crime against humanity.

  2. But that can´t be true, in another article today it states that karzai and Obama sighned a secret deal to stay until 2024. Where in heaven are we going to stay, if the sacred grounds of the US Embassy aren´t even safe? Perhaps they should tell the Taliban about the secret deal so they will stop the attacks.

    1. But Mr. Cole, all of the terr'ists are the same. Even when they read about 'Peace with Honor' in a major newspaper, they just won't listen. That Ho guy in Vietnam was the same. What is a peace-loving President to do?

  3. Well, if the US embassy is no longer safe, then it must be time for the uber-architects to pull out the blueprints and design a new, "largest embassy in the world" embassy compound (which the Chinese will pay for) from which they'll do their ambassadorial thinking and war planning for the next 100 years… you didn't really think that 2024 was going to be the end, did you?

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