NSA Whistleblower: DOJ Covering Up Crimes of Obama, Bush

Former NSA technical director William Binney: “…the real problem I see is that the DoJ is covering up for all the crimes that this administration and the previous administration has been committing against every one in the public.”

(h/t Kevin Gosztola)

9 thoughts on “NSA Whistleblower: DOJ Covering Up Crimes of Obama, Bush”

  1. At Anti-War.com…Please reveal the way ionosphere ehater aural nerve deviced is used/influencing war crime in Worlds, America…the nation of yahweh, new black panther party, african union, south koreans,..seem to be conspiring dangerously, in the reknown, 777 Trillion Dollar war crime conspiracy….barack obama should sink, in this one!!

  2. I am sorry but this is not news. An empire has nothing to fear and I don't see why its crimes should be covered up. Why this administration and the previous? Was there a cover up when Kissinger killed 2+million Vietnamese? When Japan was nuked and 300,000 people were vaporized in one second?
    Was there a coverup when Pinochet was used to murder tens if thousands in Chile?
    Was there a coverup when Mobutu was used for 32 years to slaughter millions in Angola and Zaire using the Camina military based?
    Was there a coverup when Savimbi was used for 26 years to kill 500,000+ Angolans?
    Was there a coverup when Charles Taylor was freed from his Boston cell in 1985 and shipped to Mexico, Lybia, Ivory Coast and Liberia to slaughter 1+million people in West Africa in exchange for spying on Kadhafi?

    etc…..I can spend a whole week just going through the crimes committed by the empire in the last 70 years and the list is endless..

    So, why should this administration and the previous be targeted when it is the rule to kill with impunity any time new sources of oil or diamond are discovered?

  3. This story was for the purpose of disinformation. NSA is as secret an organization as exists, with the exception of the Intel organizations that do not officially exist because their operations are completely illegal.

    If you really want to learn about what is really going on within the NSA Google John St. Clair Akwei's civil action against the NSA and learn about domestic spy programs illegally conducted by the NSA
    which involve cataloguing the unique EMF signatures of a our bodies, which are then used to track us via signals intelligence satellite networks like ECHELON.

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