US, NATO Refuse to Recognize the Libyan Civilians They Killed

Human Rights Watch:

The 76-page report, “Unacknowledged Deaths: Civilian Casualties in NATO’s Air Campaign in Libya,” examines in detail eight NATO air strikes in Libya that resulted in 72 civilian deaths, including 20 women and 24 children.

…the absence of a clear military target at seven of the eight sites Human Rights Watch visited raises concerns of possible laws-of-war violations that should be investigated.

Human Rights Watch called on NATO to investigate all potentially unlawful attacks and to report its findings to the UN Security Council, which authorized the military intervention in Libya.

2 thoughts on “US, NATO Refuse to Recognize the Libyan Civilians They Killed”

  1. A#1 What? Who won that war? NATO! And isn't it always true, that because we won, the Gods were with us.

    A#2 You have connected yourself, according to your own report, with some people, that might have been at some point at the presence with somebody being on the side of the slain dictator. SO BEWARE!

    A#3 You refer to responsibility, like was used e.g. at the Nürnberg Trials. But you forgot A#1 in that context.

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