NY Bill Would Ban Online Anonymity to Silence Dissent


Lawmakers in New York State are proposing new legislation that involves the Web, and no, it’s not SOPA-esque or another CISPA-like spy-bill. Politicians in the Empire State want to outlaw anonymous speech on the Internet.

Republican Assemblyman Jim Conte says that the legislation he co-sponsors, Bill no. S06779, would cut down on “mean-spirited and baseless political attacks”…

That’s bound to be constitutional.

6 thoughts on “NY Bill Would Ban Online Anonymity to Silence Dissent”

  1. Not surprising. Perhaps outdone only by California, New York has got to be the most authoritarian state in the union. Micromanging, statist ideology prevails. The concepts of natural inalienable rights, self-ownership and private property alludes these people.

  2. I'm waiting for the State of New York to send out secret agents to other states to try to arrest people violating their "law." New York tried doing that a few years ago to enforce its ban on gun ownership by going after gun dealers in other states. Virginia caught a group of the New Yorkers and sent them packing with a warning that next time, they'd be thrown in prison for kidnapping.

  3. abuse of power .. they must be have forgotten they work for the people of these united states . on second thought ,they didnt forget they just to choose to Ignore us

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