Iraq Veterans Against the War, Pt. 3

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  1. The Left are big supporters of Islamic causes, and this is because they share Non-Traditional sex, and like Bill Clinton they like Harems, and they like Promiscuity and Homosexuality, and they share the Muslims practice of Dictatorship.

    Many Americans Citizens are legitimately concerned over the Clintons’ unrelenting cravings to entrench themselves in Power in America by means of a 100% Sodomite Military Dictatorship, starting with a 100 % Sodomite Praetorian Guard.

    The American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her part time husband Bill Clinton, know that the Roman Emperors protected themselves from the Regular Army, and from the people, by using the Privileged Praetorian Guard, which is now the Homosexuals in the American Military.

    I wonder if the American People have seriously thought on what the World’s Most Powerful Military would do to their own Country, if America ever had a Rogue Military of a 100% Sodomite Soldiers or SS under the Direct Command of the Clintons.

  2. History repeats itself; because there is the same God, the same Devil, and the same Human Nature; and the Clintons, especially Hillary Clinton is overly greedy for Power, and she and her part time husband, reminds me of Wicked King Ahab and Evil Queen Jezebel.

    We know that ancient Evil Queen Jezebel introduced Pagan Religion into ancient Israel, and she hated the God of the Bible.

    Perhaps the Tea Party may raise these genuine concerns that the Democrats are building Fundamentalist Islamic Dictatorships in Europe using Presidents Clintons’ Malicious Slanders, Corruptions, and Injustices, and these would be the Clinton’s Islamic Projects of Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Republic of Srpska, and possibly even in America.

  3. With the Bankruptcy of America, and dwindling Global Resources, the Army will see themselves as being the prosperous Dictators of America where they can satisfy their vile lusts, and this will be very tempting for Homosexuals to join the American Army.

    The few Heterosexuals that did remain in the American Military, would soon leave because of several tactics.

    They would be bullied, threatened, bribed by an offer of another Government job, slandered, expelled for not following Anti-Discrimination Guidelines, and even killed by Homosexuals in friendly fire; and before long, the American Military would be a 100% Sodomite Army.

    The Biased and Bribed American Mainstream Media will try to discourage people from voting for an alternative, but many people know that they should take no chances with this Election; because, it is a Referendum on the Democrats’ Military Dictatorship of America, by means of Obama, who is suspected of being a Secret Muslim, and no one really knows much about the background and motives of this American President.

  4. I used the term Presidents Clintons, because we all know that Hillary Clinton admitted to be the Real President of America, and she said: “We are the President” and the Clintons will use Barack Obama to disarm the American people in readiness for a Military Dictatorship.

    The Mexican Illegal Immigrants, or even if they become Legal Immigrants will be given weapons by the Left.

    These Mexicans, with the help of the Muslims, the Homosexuals, and the Paedophiles will kill Americans who are not Muslims, and they will kill many people they think of as Gringos in America’s Southern States.

  5. If Freedom and Liberty are to mean anything at all; and if America does not want to become a Military Dictatorship, then Freedom and Liberty means the Right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

    I want to say that my comments were not directed at all Homosexuals, but only those who will be in the Praetorian Guard and some others, because you cannot generalize about any group.

    I watched a Video of real other concerned people, who are experts in this field, and the entire Video is worth watching, but for those with limited time, the real message is in the last third of the Video.

    The Video is Titled Gerald Celente: Ron & Rand Paul Are Killing Their Movement!, and it can be viewed at… , unless the Authorities change the location or contents of that Video in an attempt to try to discredit what I wrote.

  6. Another good video, thanks for posting. IWA another anti-war solider groups must get as much coverage as possible, people need to see that the military is not a machine that is always lock step with the blood thirsty scum who run the state. No matter if they conservative red or liberal blue.

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