‘A Rogue CIA’ That Can Bully the President

Via Andrew Sullivan:

Assuming Mayer’s account is correct, consider the implications of the country’s main intelligence agency – an unaccountable group whose actions are secret mostly because they’re illegal – bullying a new president into not applying the rule of law to themselves or their preceding superiors.

I tend to think the Obama administration didn’t prosecute the Bush administration because they wanted to be able to continue many of those policies without much legal burden. But I don’t doubt the CIA put pressure on elected officials to sweep their crimes of torture under the rug.

18 thoughts on “‘A Rogue CIA’ That Can Bully the President”

  1. I like to think they didn’t prosecute illegal behavior so that they could do the same without pesky legality, but maybe this rogue group pressured him instead? Yea this sounds about right…

  2. Too bad JFK was killed before he was able to disband this despicable agency back in 1963. If the CIA was that bad back then under somebody like Dulles, imagine what a Beast (yes, with a capital 'B') it is now with Perfumed Prince Patraeus. He'll probably run for President in 2016 just like former CIA Director George H.W. Bush did in 1992. Bush was pretty much the President for all eight years of Ronald Reagan's tenure, but that is another story.

  3. Rogue CIA – that about sums it up. And they do assassinate within the country as well as outside too. If they 'have to'. No politician dares question them.

  4. The CIA is the "tail that wags the proverbial dog", the Government of the United States. Were one administration to investigate the preceeding one, a new, expanded facility would be needed to house all the rascals. As far as oversight is concerned, there is too much money to be made from "secret programs" cast as "National Security" programs. It has been claimed that Members of Congress increase their respective net worth by a factor of 10 while in office…do you suppose that is why investigations into government malfeasance go nowhere?

  5. We need to stop looking at the CIA as a part of the government. The CIA is the intel and policy arm of the Financial Powers. The government is now a franchise of those same Financial Powers and has been for a couple of generations at least, if not longer.

  6. How can an agency "bully" a man who is its very own "product"? That's like saying Beria "bullied" Stalin.

  7. can anyone challenge these stats. nsa , dia share of intel funding far exceeds the cia. look at the house intel committees stacked with reps who are known for their connection to financial powers

    Dianne Feinstein,
    Chairman Saxby Chambliss,
    Vice Chairman
    John D. Rockefeller IV,
    West Virginia Olympia J. Snowe,
    Ron Wyden,
    Oregon Richard Burr,
    North Carolina
    Barbara A. Mikulski,
    Maryland James Risch,
    Bill Nelson,
    Florida Daniel Coats,
    Kent Conrad,
    North Dakota Roy Blunt,
    Mark Udall,
    Colorado Marco Rubio,
    Mark Warner,

  8. As ex-CIA myself, I would have to observe that the process is generally one of cooption rather than using actual bullying as every new president quickly falls in line with the defense-security establishment. But the real problem is that the entire government is completely corrupt and unaccountable, not just the Agency. Who has been punished since 2001 for malfeasance relating to policies that have been disastrous for the country?

    1. i dont recall any hearings on CIA complicity in the heroin & cocaine trade in afpk, columbia and evidently in mexico. It appears the afpk war goes on for that primary reason. iran-contra hearings changed nothing, they ply their trade with impunity

  9. There is an unfortunate and misleading overlap between what the CIA agency (the official CIA) does and what is done by their tentacles that can be denied. Long term I think the official CIA is far more dangerous, given the incremental legislation that authorizes the president (and by extension the CIA) to murder anyone they like. The other stuff, even the murder of president Kennedy by the various tentacles, pales in comparison to what's coming.

  10. Absolutely scary the new powers being granted or obtained by the fed government these days. Aside from torture, and random drone bombings of anybody they want, we can look forward to drones above our heads soon too. Crazy stuff.

  11. It's really ironic, isn't it? Remember how Connally said "They're going to kill us all" ? Soon many of us will be saying the same thing when the drone causes one or more of us to become collateral damage.

  12. I totally agree with you about the Obama administration not prosecuting war crimes because they wanted to continue to do the same things. They've even extended them beyond what Bush did, now even claiming the right to assassinate U.S. citizens.

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