At Peace With “Why”

Time for an embarrassing confession. Even though it’s been out for months, and even though it’s the first book I ever contributed content to, I had never read Why Peace. I mean not all the way through. I’d read my essay and a few others of people I knew, but its a really big book and it sort of languished on my shelf for a long, long time.

Yesterday it was 100 degrees outside, yet again, and when it’s that hot out you can’t really go do anything. I saw Why Peace on the shelf and just grabbed it, sat down in a comfy chair, and read for a few hours.

I found that I can’t really put it down. From the Philip Giraldi essay at the start to Tom Nash’s compelling closing essay, there are just dozens of really important, thought provoking arguments to be made in favor of peace, or at least against the alternative.

The dog days of summer are really a great time to find some air conditioning and catch up on the big titles you might’ve missed. Now you’ve got Kindle and Nook options for the book as well as the huge paperback edition, so there’s no real excuse not to give it a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.