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  1. Friend of mine at work told me some odd things about Mormons …I looked it up on their official website…..weird stuff…not sure I want a president who is in this …do your own research

    1. Guy named Joe Smith in Vermont started the Mormon religion when he says Jesus came to the United States and spoke to him

    2. They believed in multiple wives until USA laws shut them down , many still practice polygamy in Utah.

    2. This Joe Smith guy says he found some metal plates in the woods…with writing on them ..used them to start the religion. Mentions other gods and a planet called Kolob ….

    So some guy named Joe in Vermont started this whole religion …pretty weird

  2. I am a die hard conservative for 20 years….a guy comes to me at work
    and says he read some weird stuff on the official Mormon site scriptures.
    Says Mormon religion was started by some guy name Joe Smith
    in Vermont in 1831 after an angel told him to dig up some buried gold
    plates, they believed in multiple wives until they were arrested and had to stop.
    This is the cult religion that Romney believes in….fo to the
    official Mormon site or Wikepedia abd check it out yourself.

    Anybody else seen this video about the Mormon religion http://youtu.be/3HSlbuli7HM
    Romney is a Mormon……scary stuff.

  3. I laughed till I cried watching this video. Robyn Williams (and he's a great) has nothing over these fools. Thanks for posting this. It's a WINNER!

  4. your résumé. You do if Ambassador to Saudi Arabia means what doing the "important work" needed under current policies

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