At Israel’s West Bank Barrier, All Mammals Are Not Created Equal

Faced with growing environmental concerns, the Israeli government is looking for ways to allow certain mammals to pass through the West Bank barrier unencumbered. Several groups were citing families of animals, including foxes, separated by the massive wall.

“Many animals that live here, need their habitats, or breeding and feeding areas,” noted one Israeli ecologist. “They can eat in one place but hide in another place. So animals, especially the bigger ones, need open space for their existence.”

Lost among the mammals effected by the wall is the most obvious: humans. Every complaint made about the impact of the barrier on red foxes or the humble hydrax can be made, virtually without change, referring to the Palestinians living in the West Bank.

The barrier has separated families of ibex from one another, and surely families of people who can no longer travel from one village to another without contending with a military checkpoint. An animal may find his grazing area on one side of the wall and his nest on the other, but this is also true of many farmers, who have ended up with their homes on one side of the wall and the bulk of their field left fallow and inaccessible on the other side.

It is remarkable that Israeli courts could be so concerned with the migration of some mammals while its government remains openly hostile to the day to day movements of the most populous mammals in the West Bank. Maybe Palestinians would be better served in the near term in abandoning their quests for equality with Israeli Jews under Israeli law and instead try to at least get legal equality with porcupines first, which appears to be a dramatic improvement from their current situation.

14 thoughts on “At Israel’s West Bank Barrier, All Mammals Are Not Created Equal”

  1. Aw man, that is disturbingly hilarious! However, I seem to remember an (in)famous quote from Rafael Eytan, the former Israeli chief of staff describing Palestinians as, not mammals, but cockroaches! Seems like they have a fair way to go from insect to mammal rights in the minds of some.
    btw, I googled that Robert Fisk-sourced info and found CAMERA (excuse me while I vomit), the pro-Israeli group complains that it was only said once, not generally by Eytan! Well, apparently that's fine then!!!

  2. The earliest child protection lawsuits against parents were brought under the aegis of laws prohibiting cruelty to animals. Perhaps this tactic could be employed to render the conditions under which Christians and Muslims amenable to the attention of courts. The validity of this approach could be bolstered by citing the statement by a once government paid Chief Rabbi of Israel, Ovadia Josef, that all non-Jews are animals created by G-d for the sole purpose of serving Jews.

  3. This is an excellent example of how people compartmentalize their brains. For the ecologists the state of things for Palestinians is completely separate from that of the animals mentioned. The same thing is exactly true for people that support Obama. All they see is that Obama is a Democrat and the things he actually does like the murder of innocents with his drones is completely ignored, separate. Thus when they vote for him they will be supporting murder. This is a very good post, Mr. Ditz.

  4. Reminds me of animal protection laws in "Gitmo"9which as a US naval base is governed by them- if a marine or sailor runs over an iguana, he/she can be fined upwards of a thousand dollars (US)), but runs no risk for ill treating the "detainees". British attorney Clive Stafford Smith has coined an ironic phrae- "equal rights with iguanas!"

  5. There really needs to be a reliable, consistent counter-news source who has the confidence and trust of US victim nations to get the straight scoop from their point of view.

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