Did Celebrity Hipster force Pamela Geller into brief Self Awareness?

Like Randy Newman, I love LA. Only here, is anything truly possibly and what I mean by anything is yes, the comedic stylings of Russell Brand and Pamela Geller in one studio. Hilarity ensued.

From BrandX:

Pamela Geller doesn’t much care for Islam (or, after being interviewed by Russell, BrandX). On her blog, Atlas Shrugs, she daily reports on crimes allegedly committed by Muslims – and only Muslims – wherever in the world they might be, painting a picture for her largely white and scared suburban audience of a world where swarthy Others are hell bent on the global imposition of Sharia law. Fathers, watch your daughters: Muhammed’s coming to town and he wants her to wear a burka.

The odd, weird, curious thing about Pamela’s Islamophobia, though, is that while she’ll own it in front of a bunch of flag-waving Tea Partiers protesting a mosque, she’ll back away from it in front of a crowd of young Hollywood liberals. Indeed, the way she spoke during her appearance on BrandX, you’d almost think she didn’t want to turn the Middle East to glass.

Oh Pam! Did you too fall for the Brand charm? Is the ‘The Rock of Ages’ star, the cure for self parodic racism and religious bigotry?

My vote for BrandX break out star is the handsome young rabble-rouser Ron Paul youth and Marine veteran Jayel Aheram. You can read more of his work on drones, Bradley Manning and Iraq here.

HT: Charles Davis

10 thoughts on “Did Celebrity Hipster force Pamela Geller into brief Self Awareness?”

  1. Atlas Shrugs paints "a picture for her largely white and scared suburban audience of a world where swarthy Others are hellbent on global imposition of Sharia law." Oh, how very politically correct of BrandX. Once again, we have those dang American honkies (Southern accents implied) raging at "the Other". That this slander is perpetuated by more-refined white people who perhaps unconsciously consider rednecks their own "Other"… is never explored. Let me translate reality: Geller speaks mostly to a virulently pro-Israel audience who see Muslims as future drawers of water and hewers of wood in the Levant. We're all Israelis now. Yeah… right.

  2. How can you call it a dialogue when you don't allow a person to speak? Geller was on for Brand to use as an object of derision and defamation, and then he told her not to take it all seriously. Strange rude set up where the shouting man from the audience was brought up to the stage but the shouting woman in the audience was silenced. Among other things the accusation of racism was very wrong. There are many ex-Muslims (brown skinned people), and Hindus (brown skinned people), and Sikhs (brown skinned people), Egyptian Copts (bsp) who have lived under Muslim rule and are strong supporters of Geller's work to make sure that Sharia traditions are not introduced into American courts.

  3. you tube There really needs to be a reliable, consistent counter-news source who has the confidence and trust of US victim nations to get the straight scoop from their point of view.

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