Obama Bombs Yemen Hours After Winning Reelection

Not even a full day had passed before newly reelected President Obama ordered another drone strike in Yemen.

A U.S. drone strike targeted a group of al-Qaida militants on the outskirts of the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Wednesday night, killing at least three terrorists, government officials said.

Huffington Post:

 A White House spokesman did not respond to a request for comment. If it were a American strike, of course, it would have to have been authorized by Obama.

The drone war violates both domestic and international law, and the Obama administration’s vehement disdain for transparency in government is the only thing keeping it from public and legal scrutiny. Beyond the law, it’s terrorism.

41 thoughts on “Obama Bombs Yemen Hours After Winning Reelection”

  1. I don't understand what the issue is. Obama and Romney both support drone attacks on Yemen and Pakistan, this is nothing new. The great majority of the country, from both major parties, obviously support it through their overwhelming support of either Obama or Romney. Obama has been ordering drone strikes since at least 2009. So I don't get it, why would anyone think that the election would affect the scheduling of a continuing drone strike policy? Why be concerned? If Obama had campaigned against them, I can see the issue.

  2. America is the ONLY country that has drones. If there are drones attacking, it means America IS ordering the attack.

    1. Other countries operate UAVs, but the US and most likely Israel are the only ones presently using them in aggressive combat roles.

  3. Ironic we're all over Yemen with armed drones, but in Lybia (where violence and turmoil reigns supreme) we can't get any tactical support to the ambassador and 3 agents for over 7 hours. I find that hard to believe.

  4. There is self education and research, enlightenment an awakening then the flip side there's believe everything the mainstream ' news' media and follow what every other brainwashed SHEEPLE who follow 2 party bi partisan divide and conquer SHEEPLE tactic. Do your research if you don't know what. NDAA or Hr347 is you just proved my point. Google- Chris hedges falling empire- NDAA – hr347 – OBAMA DRONE STRIKES- BOHEMIAN GROVE I could go on but you get the point right???

  5. October 3, 2012

    For those of you that Voted for Obama, and are still clueless….
    “Egypt Unites With Iran and fulfills a Bible Prophecy”.
    Daniel 11:40
    In August of 2012 Egypt and Iran became allies.
    To put this in laymen terms…
    “Egypt, the largest Arab nation in the Middle East- a nation with billions of dollars worth
    of military assets ( funded for by America with Americans tax dollars) allied with the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world!

    This prophecy was Fully and Totally fulfilled. It is a reality!
    Libya and Ethiopia Are Next.
    August 2012
    Ghammed Morsi
    Egypt's gravitation toward Iran and Radical Islam.
    Yet another conquest by radical Islam…
    America has given Egypt Billions and Billions of Dollars of military aid.
    This Egypt-Iran axis will change the Middle East and affect us globally!
    The Egyptians will use their military power to swing much of the middle east toward Iran.
    Put simply, this means that Egypt- with Iran help will lead Libya and Ethiopia into the Iranian Camp!
    We need to understand the ENORMOUS IMPACT …
    What does this mean for the Middle East and the entire world?
    Remember Yemen? The Arab's rolled into the Country in February of 2011
    Why did Mohammad Morsi fly to China?
    On August 28,Th 2012 Mohammad Morsi landed in Beijing
    and “was warmly welcomed by Chinese President Hu Jinato”
    Question: Do you comprehend the ENORMOUS IMPACT?

    “From Sea to Shining Sea”
    Get ready for World War III

    Nothing personal…
    This proves that their should be competence screening prior to voting and
    All Legal American Citizens should have done their research, prior to voting!

    Written by Lori Valentine

    Memo: No brag, just the facts…
    I had written and posted this information as well as emailed this to and warn our Country
    This was published, and last month.
    I re-posted it on yahoo, and fb two weeks ago.
    People still ignore the obvious.

    Pathetic reality.

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    Dear Jen and friends,

    You and many other terrestrial humans…

    …can do a lot without be in Gaza right now.

    Just think, just pray for our beloved children

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    To our All-Mighty Powerful Universal Consciousness!

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    Through MASSIVE TERRESTRIAL HUMAN STERELIZATION, and ANIHILATION thru War-invasion on Terror, i.e. Israel over Gaza, U.S. Empire over Arab Countries and rest of 3rd. World Countries, etc., etc.

    This kind of Terrestrial Humans Hypocrisy…and regular “behavior”. It’s a shame!

    They "say" opposite what they are really doing!!!!

    Lies, lies and more lies…from American President, UN “leaders”, etc., etc.

    They are just a puppets of Terrestrial War-mongers lords; the world's richest people of this planet, owners of war-machines factories, and one of them is the Evil & Criminal Catholic Church Corporation. This is it!

    Meanwhile rest of terrestrial humans nations, they are cowardly and timidly observing…without raising their voice of protest, how our beloved innocent and defenseless children, women, men and innocent living creatures in Gaza are being slaughtered by Israeli Terrorist & Criminal State and Nation (Army) on Earth.

    Without doing anything to stop this human less war-criminal action and massacre.

    Then, I think so maybe terrestrial humans do not deserve to be alive…

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  7. National security? Are you referring to America? Seriously. What does war in the Middle East have to do with America? Have we learned nothing over the years? Also, in regards to Democrats, it's amazing what they put up with now that there's a Democrat in the White House.

  8. There really needs to be a reliable, consistent counter-news source who has the confidence and trust of US victim nations to get the straight scoop from their point of view.

  9. What is the exactly meaning of this Obama Bombs Yemen Hours After Winning Reelection Post ? I didn't get properly.Please let me know this complete information's.

  10. You were supposed to stop reading at this point (assuming that a) some of you can actually read and b) you read that far into this waste of time blog post): "There was no way of being certain if the strike was indeed American, or for that matter if it was a drone strike at all, although it had all the markings of one." thANKS

  11. wow! What a bunch of crybabies. The neo cons got a woody every time Bush Jr. bombed the living piss out of a country, now they are crying like little girls. That's the price of national security, folks. Oh that's right, only when a White man is in the White house.
    Great Post

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