Newsletter| November 23, 2012


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Netanyahu: Israel Prepared to Resume Gaza War: In a speech at Police National Headquarters to tout the war, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted the war dealt a decisive blow to factions in the Gaza Strip, while insisting Israel is “prepared” to start a new attack at any time.

Egypt’s Mursi Declares He’s Above the Law: Seeking to capitalize big on the goodwill he managed to accumulate in negotiating the Gaza ceasefire, US-backed Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi on Thursday issued a decree calling for retrials of several Mubarak regime officials, as well as announcing that his decisions are completely above the law.

Islamists Capture Key Base in Syria’s East: Syrian military forces have abandoned the key artillery base in the town of Mayadin today, ending a month long siege and turning the facility over to Islamist rebel fighters, who rose the black flag of the Islamist bloc over the base.

France Withdraws Last Afghan Combat Troops Early: French officials held a “handover” ceremony today in the Kapisa Province of Afghanistan, marking the withdrawal of the last 500 French combat troops from the nation, and ending their role in direct combat ahead of schedule.

Japan Warns of Damage to ‘Peace and Stability’ in China Territorial Dispute: Japan warned on Monday that a dispute with China over the territorial claims in the South China Sea could damage “peace and stability” in Asia, as President Obama completed a tour of nations in the region the US aims to keep under its influence.

UN Drug Czar Pressing US Feds to Disregard Marijuana Legalization in Co. and Wa.: The head of the UN drug watchdog agency is pressing US federal officials to challenge ballot measures in Colorado and Washington that decriminalized marijuana, in blatant disrespect for what the people voted for in those states.


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