No Ban in Place, Air Force Renews NASCAR Sponsorship

Efforts to ban the military from sponsoring NASCAR cars on the grounds that they are a waste of money and simply don’t work have so far been foiled, with efforts to add a ban to military spending bill being removed after the fact. Controversy around it was enough to convince the Army to scrap their sponsorship deal.

Not so with the Air Force, however, which has announced it is going to keep sponsoring the No. 43 car as part of their “strategic marketing” strategy. Discussing the decision, Col. Marcus Johnson says that NASCAR events are attended by “the type of recruits that we look to attract.”

The No. 43 car is sponsored by Air Force, Best Buy and Valvoline. It hasn’t won a race since 1999.

6 thoughts on “No Ban in Place, Air Force Renews NASCAR Sponsorship”

  1. Number 43 may not have won a race since 99 but when was the last time Team America, meaning you and I, won?

  2. The Air Force wants to attract NASCAR fans? All I see at NASCAR events are trailer trash, drunks, druggies and belligirent, mindless fools. Is this the Air Force of the 21st Century? Gen. Curtis LeMay and Gen. Hap Arnold must be rolling over in their graves.

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