FEE Seminar on The True Costs of War

For those younger readers interested in attending, the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is holding an important academic seminar on The True Costs of War, in economic terms as well as civil liberties. You’ll get to hear lectures from professors including Robert Higgs, Tom Duncan, and Gregory Randolph and mingle with other students interested in peace and liberty.

Here is their website’s description:

War is undoubtedly destructive to human lives and there are various moral and political arguments that revolve around justifications for and against war. Though wars are inherently destructive, there are many who claim there are economic benefits to war. “World War II ended the Depression,” we are told in high school and college history and economics courses. However, is it true that prosperity can come from destruction? And what else is destroyed in war in addition to lives and property? Is there a connection between war, growing government, and shrinking liberties?

The seminar will be held from July 8-11 in St. Louis, MO at St. Louis University. Apply here.