Although Zero Dark Thirty didn’t get the Oscar – – –

Governments survive on myth. Truth is dangerous. As Chief Nazi “Information Officer” Goebbels put it, “…the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the State.”

While the main stream media averts its eyes, the Emperor shivers.

Why would you shoot your highest-value-in-history information-laden target in the head immediately, before he can talk, especially since he isn’t armed and doesn’t resist? And then deep-six the body at sea out of respect for his religious preferences. But you get that wrong. And you don’t want to release photos because, well – – – – ah – – –

We need better scripts!  It’s even been suggested Uncle should hire better fiction writers. Maybe they should tap Philip Kraske – – –

“But I think, in this case” — a long pause — “the best we can do is the impression of photos, the news of photos, rather than the photos themselves. Photo-shopping some old photos is but the work of an hour, and then we release them on a limited, official basis. We send –“

“Forget it,” said the CIA man flatly. “The Truthers will go through ten thousand photos of bin Laden till they find the one we used.”

… “Well now, I don’t know here,” said the Marine general. You don’t release any photos, sir, and you’re not going to convince your grandmother. With all respect.”

Others nodded vigorously. The Rainmaker wondered if any of them had greater intellect than the chairs they sat on.

…”Let’s remember, dear ones, that our job is not to convince, but merely to give people one or two good reasons not to believe any other version. This is a distinction that I’m always having to explain to various agencies. Sometimes, as in an espionage op, you do indeed need to convince. But this is a public psy op. Here we play with a natural advantage” — a tiny chuckle — “and I would imagine it drives the 9-11 Truthers nuts: Americans naturally believe their government.  — Philip Kraske, Zero Light Twenty (or Forty — Whatever)

So, why would you shoot your highest-value-in-history information-laden target in the head immediately, before he can talk?

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  1. The government disposed of bin Laden’s body in order to assuage Muslim religious sensibilities. You know, the passage in the Koran that mandates destroying all evidence immediately.

  2. Oh well, since Hollyweird is so fond of making crappy sequels, here it is: Zero Dark Thirty Part II: The Creature from the Indian Ocean. Osama bin Laden returns from the deep as a slimy mutated monster and wreaks havoc on the US Navy fleet in the Persian Gulf and Army and Marines in Afghanistan.

    1. Robosama is now operating out of Mali from his Ernst Blofeld (TM) prefab underground evil headquarters. He has an eraser and a bottle of white-out, and will soon be wiping Israel off the map unless we destroy Iran first.

  3. Zero Dark Thirty (ZDT) offers for some the opportunity to discover the emerging terrorist state (both in terms of foreign & domestic covert operations by fbi/cia) that is the United States of America. See my reports of ongoing assaults on me by fbi in their efforts to silence me.

    The methods that the fbi/cia use against our people defy description because many cannot imagine that the United States of America could stoop so low as to engage in the activities I describe; the populace' failure to understand and to see the truth of my reports (which are not inconsistent with the representations in ZDT) feeds the tyrants' propaganda machine and prolongs the day of reckoning when the warmongers and terrorists among us must account for their crimes and ommissions. Without such an accounting, the world and humanity face their most DARK hour.

    1. Thanks for posting Barbara! FWIW, I do a little writing now and then and know "it can't happen here" is BS. Looks, unfortunately, like you & Mr. Sosbee are living proof.

      I've been collecting info on the mistreatment and suppression of whistle blowers. If I ever get around to using it, maybe we might work together?

      By the way, what makes our situation — by "our" I mean "we the people" not only those of us who are trying to straighten things out — is that we're not quite fighting what we think we're fighting.

    1. Thanks Jimmy, but the link as posted doesn't work. I checked my notes, and sure enough, I don't have a link either — but a cursory search with Google overwhelmingly supports Goebbels as the source.

      If you don't mind, could you check and repost?


        1. Thanks! Interesting but not conclusive in my opinion, fwiw. Will change reference to "attributed to " where appropriate.

          Here's my favorite Goebbels — with source. Curious about the take on it – – –

          "Don't tell them … then it will not exist …" -Chief Nazi "Information Officer" Joseph Paul Goebbels (in Goebbels, From Economics to Publicity, ed. 1955, Alles die Zeitungen collection, Dr. Herzbold Neher)


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