Sen. Durbin Objects to Resolution Opposing President’s Ability to Bomb Citizens on US Soil

Senator Rand Paul’s historic filibuster is still ongoing ended late last night. At one point, he made a proposal. If adopted unanimously by the Senate, Paul said, he would end the filibuster immediately.

Richard_Durbin_official_photoThe proposal was a non-binding resolution opposing the President’s ability to kill Americans in drone strikes on US soil. Simple enough, you might think. Who could oppose that?

The Democrats, that’s who.

Senator Dick Durbin, speaking for the majority, rose to say he objects to Paul’s non-binding resolution. He objects to a unanimous statement from the Senate that the President cannot drop bombs on Americans on US soil. Durbin said he doesn’t want to make such a vote until we’ve had proper and thorough congressional hearings on all the issues Senator Paul has brought up today.

It might also be relevant that Durbin received $13,000 in campaign contributions from Raytheon, a company that manufactures drone technology for the government. He also received $12,000 in campaign contributions from Honeywell International, another drone manufacturer.

Or maybe it isn’t relevant. Truthfully, nobody should need to find additional reasons to condemn Dick Durbin after he rose in opposition to something as simple as opposing (in a non-binding resolution!) the President’s ability to kill citizens in drone attacks on US soil.

One thought on “Sen. Durbin Objects to Resolution Opposing President’s Ability to Bomb Citizens on US Soil”

  1. Crybaby Dick has been Zion's butt boy from day one. He could not give a rat's arse about America.

  2. “Sen. Durbin Objects to Resolution Opposing President’s Ability to Bomb Citizens on US Soil”

    what about the president’s presumed power to bomb u.s.
    citizens (without trial of course) OUTSIDE the u.s.?

    i wasn’t aware we relinquished our constitution protections
    when we went offshore.

  3. Come-on, don't be so hard! I'm absolutely certain that Durban would give at least one dead rat's ass about America (that is, after he had played with it for a while) … .


  4. Any chance those Illinois folks will vote this jerk out of Congress. Probably not, they're too drugged to think straight.

  5. It is instructive for me to read your website.You truly play the 'truth game'.All of us are blinded to truth by our deep-seated conditioning to national/religious loyalties.It takes courage to confront these loyalties and face that our commitment to these loyalties should not be at the expense of others.

  6. With all the police, troopers, patrol, FBI etc would the Govt want to drop bombs in their own country? I see the enemy, and it is us.

    1. Yea you would think it would be entirely unnecessary, just have the police kill someone if they get too inconvenient, not like it's anything new. And yes still … they insist … they must have the ability to kill people with drones specifically.

  7. Durbin is not only Israel's lap dog, he is Obama's, and, like Obama, a creation of the corrupt Chicago Democratic Party machine. Rights…Constitution, he does not give a sh*& about. Remember when they used to say that Israel's senior Senator, Joe Leiberman, was "the conscience of the Senate". What crap! All these guys should be in prison, drop the soap Bubba prison. This system will NEVER reform itself from the inside.

  8. I am impressed by how insightful the posted comments are. I would have hoped college students would participate more but I guess when they are not being drafted into stupid wars there is no incentive when their lives are not at risk.

  9. You can just feel it down here in Louisville…. All of a sudden people of ALL persuasions have found someone that we can get behind….Someone who seems unafraid to jerk the chain of the corrupt lobbies and fellow travelers. I understand the reluctance to take on certain pressure groups at this time, but I'm thinking that the Jr. Senator from Kentucky will get around to it one day. In the meantime, Durbin and his wretched cohorts from both parties just might be getting ready to get theirs. .'Bout time

  10. The drones are a distraction from the usual ways they kill people: fake car accidents, fake heart attacks, killed during a robbery, etc. They've caught on to the fact that for some reason, drones rile people up more than usual, so they are milking it for all its worth.

    From a technical standpoint, the bigger drones are a huge waste of money. There have been competing programs that have added sensor packages to small cessnas and cirrus planes that are literally 1/100 of the cost of a standard drone package(6 aircraft and command unit).

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