Israel Has the Gall to Actually Complain to the UN About Stray Syrian Mortar Shells

On Friday, Israel attacked Syria. On Sunday, they launched multiple additional attacks, destroying several military targets in the Syrian capital city of Damascus and killing 42 people.

Today (Monday), Israel has filed an official complaint to the United Nations after a pair of Syrian mortar shells, being fired in the ongoing civil war, strayed across the line of control into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights (which the UN recognizes as part of Syria anyhow), doing no damage and causing no injuries.

  • Stupid blog

    Israel is defending itself from barbaric animals who commit atrocities against themselves every minute of everyday only turning to the Jewish state on occasion to spew venom. It's a clash of civilizations: modern, open democracy next to backwards theocratic fascism. Fuck off you anti Semitic piece of shit.

    • Yonatan

      Looks like somebody has overdosed on Ziocaine. Better watch that stuff, buddy, It rots the brain.

    • Steve

      I don't know that I would call Syria a "modern, open democracy", but I guess your description of Israel is spot on.

    • dpd604

      Claiming self-defense is the easiest way to justify anything right ? I get a laugh from Israel still playing the victim when they have over 200 nukes…and by open modern democracy did you mean paranoid police state ?

    • seyshell

      hey your post name is right on stupid blog or should i say rat,why don't you move to isreal you goof and stop your lies here

    • KMBW

      Your Talmudic hatred is very clear. Arabs are Semites too. I think most people are ANTI-TALMUD.

  • paulBass


  • Zionist hubris. On steroids. Well and, US taxpayer mountains of money.

  • dickerson3870

    Chutzpah, thy name is Israel!

  • James

    I'm surprised that anyone is surprised by this. There are no limits to the self-serving BS that comes out from the Zionists. Pty there weren't more real Jews in Israel instead of these ideologically insane fools (yes I mean the Zionists) that control the place.

  • Ron F

    So if the Syrians find a way down the line to get even – we're supposed to what? empathize with the Israelis?

    As I recall, it took the US 3 months to launch a counterstrike on Japan after Pearl Harbor.

  • keltrava

    Around the world ordinary people are feeling Israel has crossed a red line if not now then when and if they attack Iran. Believe me there will huge unintended consequences.

  • I hope they will stop this cruelty because innocent people are most victims of this.

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