Chuck Todd: Obama Is Trying to Criminalize Journalism

You know when Chuck Todd is upset, the Obama administration has crossed some sort of line…

6 thoughts on “Chuck Todd: Obama Is Trying to Criminalize Journalism”

  1. They've been criminalizing just about anything a person does these days, and the media just cheers them on. While I will oppose the government's actions in this regard, too, I find it hard to feel much sympathy for the press who have been willing puppets for decades.

  2. According to Chucky T, Obama is trying to criminalize journalism? What would Chucky T know about journalism? Chucky is a faithful lapdog at best. A dozen years later and after Patriot Act Regurgitation Part Deux, Chucky T starts to whine? Give it a rest Chucky boy, you make a far better cheerleader and you would NOT know journalism if it crawled up behind you and bit you on your sitdown.

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