NSA is ‘Collecting Everything’

Update: Here’s the full interview with William Binney and Russell Tice…

2 thoughts on “NSA is ‘Collecting Everything’”

  1. HOW CAN THE DENTIST KNOW?. by using an instrument known as an EXPLORER to find a sort spot, which is decay even if a crown blocks the x-ray from showing it.

  2. Basically citing the above blog numerous will resonate with this because it’s correct and it’s nifty reading from a guy thats telling this for all to read.

  3. There are more then one such department collecting everything on everyone, this one reports only to the president, which is under justice department control and for justice department to make sure that everything is done according to laws, then is up to preselected and hand picked judges by president to give the legal "bulks" of legalized papers to NSA for collecting whatever it is that they are collecting. So, everyone that are managing such operation are very well known to justice department and the president.

  4. what are the treason ramification for a govt agency like NSA sharing personal metadata with the Israelis and brits for instance

  5. Collecting data for protection is one thing but deleting our data for amuse/stealing our data fo sell..are our judges educated enough to protect us against their Fasad MafiaGov..close congress and let us join UE Hanifan NOW(redIndian nature). I have no money to sue OPEX &tools MS-MAC-Adobe-Google-yahoo-intel-Honda-NASA-etc

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