Would Israel ‘Go It Alone’ & Bomb Iran Amid Warmed Relations With US?


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is really upset that the U.S. and Iran seem to be getting closer to rapprochement. But would Israel go ahead and bomb Iran, as it has long threatened, without a green light from the U.S.?

Iran is in the process of offering significant concessions on its nuclear program and asking in return for the U.S. to recognize its right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes and to lift economic sanctions. A simple deal, it appears. But, asks Uri Sadot of the Council on Foreign Relations, “With the renewed negotiations in place, will Israel dare strike a Middle Eastern nation in defiance of its closest allies?”

“It seems unlikely,” Sadot answers, “but 32 years ago, the answer was yes.”

On June 7, 1981, Israel launched Operation Opera. A squadron of fighter planes flew almost 1,000 miles over Saudi and Iraqi territory to bomb a French-built plutonium reactor on the outskirts of Baghdad, which Israeli leaders feared would be used by Saddam Hussein to build atomic bombs.

The operation was successful, but the international reaction was severe. On the morning following the attack, the United States condemned Israel, suggesting it had violated U.S. law by using American-made military equipment in its assault. State Department spokesman Dean Fischerreiterated the American position that the reactor did not pose a potential security threat, and White House press secretary Larry Speakesadded that President Ronald Reagan had personally approved the condemnation.

Israel didn’t hesitate back then to bomb what it viewed as a threatening nuclear program, even at the risk of provoking a conflict with the United States — and it will likely not hesitate today.

First, the notion that “the operation was successful” is dubious.

“To begin with, Hussein was not on the brink of a bomb in 1981,” writes Colin Kahl, for Obama administration deputy assistant secretary of defense for the Middle East. Saddam “Hussein had not decided to launch a full-fledged weapons program prior to the Israeli strike.”

“By demonstrating Iraq’s vulnerability,” Kahl explains, “the attack on Osirak actually increased Hussein’s determination to develop a nuclear deterrent,” and Iraq followed up by kicking out UN inspectors and reconstituting a nuclear weapons program in earnest (only to have it virtually destroyed in a 1991 war with the US).

But the point remains, Israel will embrace it’s rogue status if it wants to. This was demonstrated again in 2007, when Israel bombed a nuclear reactor in Syria despite opposition to the strike from President George W. Bush.

Hopefully, U.S.-Iranian rapprochement won’t be the driving force behind an Israeli decision to preventively bomb Iran. The consequences of such a strike would be disastrous. To start with, it would be a grave war crime. It would also ensure the Iranian hardliners who oppose détente win over the moderates like Rouhani, thus immediately rendering the historic U.S.-Iran negotiations kaput.

65 thoughts on “Would Israel ‘Go It Alone’ & Bomb Iran Amid Warmed Relations With US?”

  1. If Israel thought it could bomb Iran without consequences, it would certainly have done so by now.

  2. It would be a grave war crime. If they did it, hopefully Netanyahu and company would be held accountable in a war crimes tribunal.

    1. The Zionists are accountable to no one as long as sucker Uncle Sam humbly protects the parasite. BTW when does the mandate run out on the hollowcaust

      1. The Zionist controls the American government and has been a cancer to as far back as the Romans so what is the next step.

    2. Those zionist pricks in Israel will never be prosected for war crimes. The congress would see to that.

  3. I have been having nightmares about this since 2006 when I was de-neocon-ized. I remember an Israeli official saying that any war with Iran would last 30 days and cost 500 Israeli lives. Uh yeah, more like WWIII. They seem totally oblivious to the fact that there is no longer a sizeable American buffer in Iraq between them and Iran. It is not at all farfetched to believe that the Shia government in Iraq will allow Iranian forces, particularly missile units, to get another 600 miles (the width of Iraq) closer to Israel.
    Here is me if any are interested http://jvictus.blogspot.com/2012/10/grand-theft-u

    I thank God every day I am wrong.

  4. The difference between Bagdad and Iran is that Iran has Nuclear materiel on those sites, Bagdad didn't!

    If Israel was to irradiate Iran by any way shape or form the condemnation would destroy Israel end of story. even the US could not accept such a blatant War Crime and it is a War Crime to bomb any Nuclear Facility that has materiel in it!

    1. Like Israel gives a shit? They told the U.N, to pound salt up their ass.es countless times. After all they are the chosen people. I think we should ask God for a recount.

  5. "To start with, it would be a grave war crime. It would also ensure the Iranian hardliners who oppose détente win over the moderates like Rouhani, thus immediately rendering the historic U.S.-Iran negotiations kaput."

    That is the whole objective. Israel doesn't want to a moderate Iran. That would rob Israel of the "only democracy in the Middle East" argument. The goal is to keep other states in the region in a political pariah status by provoking the people into supporting hard-line governments.

    1. Uri Avnery had it right: Ahmadinejad was a Mossad agent. It wasn't supposed to happen like this …

  6. In Nixon's old game of letting the Soviets think we just might be mad enough to attack first, there was still danger, even if it was staged. With Israel, these people truly are mad, so the probability is much higher. And I don't think that universal condemnation will bother them in the least – the Zionist settlers have a song – "The Whole World Hates Us but We Don't Give a Damn!". America, needs to cut off all ties with Netanyahu and company.

    1. I we did the first thing that would happen is ourPres would probbly have a fatal 'accident' These things seem to happen when one disagrees with Israel.

  7. With Iran as an adversary, Israel would be bound to take some incoming missile fire and casualties. Iron Dome is definitely not impregnable. Despite the media hype, modern Israelis are not the tough, bold dare-devil risk-takers they are portrayed to be – they have fallen into soft living and a few missiles would quickly demoralize them: consider what happened with both the Israeli public and the army when they tried to take on Hezbollah in Lebanon and got hit back. And Iran is not Lebanon – bite them and they can bite bac – they are tough fighters. Netanyahu was depending on the US to do the job, as in Iraq – Israel wouldn't dare to try it alone..

    1. I seriously doubt Israel will bomb Iran without some kind of secret deal with the US to support them in that attack. I think it is conceivable the US could be suckered into taking part in such a venture. The MOSSAD working with their Zionist helpers in the US could manufacture another 9/11 with Iranian finger prints all over everything and stampede the US into joining Israel in some retaliatory attack. A majority in both houses are looking for some reason to pull back from the current détente and begin hammering Iran once more. Unless Iranian negotiators give into every demand of our team we will use this failure as a cause for breaking off the effort at conciliation and renew the economic warfare and be open once again to Israel's influence.

      The Israelis/Hebrews never give an inch. They always get their way in the end. They will not stop their push for a combined attack on Iran until they get it. If the GOP take over in 2016, the Zionists will have the clout to pull the US into such a war.

    2. Vs Iraq in the 1980's, Iran was willing to go the whole way to unseating Saddam Hussein. The only thing that stopped them was inferior equipment what with Western advisors and trainers, Saudi and Kuwait and various Western nations arming Saddam, Iraq's Air Force and heavy armor count consistently dwarfed the Iranian arsenal and of course, America jumping in a bit towards the end by hitting Iranian oil platforms and Iran Air 655.
      Their Islamic zeal and proud belief in death before dishonor and victory at all costs would cost Israel (and America) dearly – even more so with Shia run Iraq in on the action.

  8. Stop writing this stupid title: "would Israel go it alone. Netanyahu is pettier than that to bomb
    Iran. Israel has been erected on stolen land of Palestinians and has no legitimacy. Down with zionism and its supporters. Down with zionist puppets placed in the western capitals.

    1. No, Israel is not impotent… Netanyahoo's blustering and whining and threatening is a show. He knows deep down that to attack Iran would be the end of the Jewish nation…I hope he understands this…

      But there are others within the Israelis government who are also very vocal and who I believe are capable of going down the path to complete destruction – and if put in the position to exercise the power to initiate war with Iran, would do it without reservation. Everyone knows reason cannot stand before insanity every time.

      1. If your assessment is correct – that attacking Iran would be the end of Israel – then, by all means, we should encourage Israel to attack.

        A pet owner might spend ridiculous amounts of money to keep a beloved dog alive, even though the outcome is inevitable. Even when that dog viciously attacks and injures the owners friends and neighbors. He would be secretly relieved when the end came, but couldn't admit it to himself.

        Such is the case with the vicious state of Israel. When the inevitable end arrives, even their most ardent supporters in Congress will be relieved at the demise of this albatross around our necks.

  9. The simple fact is that the Israeli Air Force does not have the capability to carry out a significant attack inside Iran. The fully coordinated Iranian air defense is not something that can be dealt with by electronic warfare. The last thing Israel needs is a failed operation and Israeli pilots in the gallows in Tehran.
    There is a psychological war going on here, conducted by Israel and its minions. This article, that raises the possibility of an attack as something feasible, is apparently a part of it.

  10. Hubris and Nemesis. I would be siding with Iran should Israel or the US attack Iran. Every day, I ask myself : "Did Iran or North Korea interfere with my ability to exist today ?" The answer is always "No."
    "Did my own Government cause me to be concerned about what the Military Industrial Complex might do next ?" The answer is always "Yes."

  11. The real goal of Israel is to destroy Iran. The nuclear issue is a false flag. Iran stands in the way of Israel becoming the super power in the Middle East. Israel doesn't care what the world thinks as long as those dumbies in our government stay bought.

  12. We need to bomb Israel back to the Stone Age. After all, mentally, they're already there.

  13. The short answer is no. Iran IS NOT Iraq and as I've commented before at other times, the state of Israel would get an ass-whuppin' by Iran, and that is a fact.

  14. Are all you people serious?? It's obvious to me that not a single one of you jackasses live in Israel!! I do……& there should be absolutely no compromise on any further operations of Iranian nuclear program!!(WAR CRIME OR NOT)……what kind of crime is the international threat Iran has declared on Israel….& the United States …….not to mention saying"ISRAEL SHOULD BE WIPED OF THE GRID" It seems to be irrelevant to me…….which Iranian president it was that said this!! ROUHANI is calling for the elimination of all known nuclear weapons globally & especially in the Middle East (ISRAEL)yet he is enriching uranium simultaneously……..like pastor begely would say….."WHAAAAAAT,ARE YOU SERIOUS"?im obviously on ISRAELS side…….& I strongly hope & pray that Netanyahu makes good on his speech to the nations of A NO TOLLERANCE COUNTER against any further nuclear peeps out of Iran…..I got a suggestion ………HEY ROUHANI,MAYBE YOU NEED TO MEET ATOM……YOU KNOW,DOES HIROSHIMA/NAGASAKI RING ANY BELLS??? Further more……war between israel&the surrounding countries who hate it is inevitable!! WAKE UP WORLD…….LOOK UP,THE LORD IS COMING!

    1. Don't worry, Ernie. Soon enough, there will be no Israel to fight over. We in the U.S. will eventually a) go broke and unable to fund your sociopath nation or b) get tired of funding your sociopath nation.

      Either way, when we cut off the welfare, and stop protecting Israel from the consequences of its actions, the end will be in sight.

      Who knows, maybe we'll finish the job ourselves. We have plenty of spare nuclear capacity, and could neutralize YOUR nuclear capacity in pretty short order.

  15. You are full of camel poop Ernie. Israel doesnt have the balls to go it alone and our dickless leaders dont have the balls to call israel,s bluff.

  16. those camel jockeys in iran dont bathe but once every three weeks.they try to cover it with cologne and perfume.its part of their religion.they are very smart on paper but lacking in common sense.i had to train many of their pilots back when jimmy carter was president.

  17. According to figures released by the anti-settler group Peace Now, the construction of 1,708 new homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem began between January and June 2013, compared with 995 in the same period last year.

  18. Stop writing this stupid title: "would Israel go it alone. Netanyahu is pettier than that to bomb
    Iran. Israel has been erected on stolen land of Palestinians and has no legitimacy. Down with zionism and its supporters. Down with zionist puppets placed in the western capitals.

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