LA vs NSA, vs FBI (or Us vs the Empire)

Thursday, November 14th, 6:30pm at Huffington Center at St. Sophia Cathedral, a coalition of activists will be introducing LA vs NSA: How to Push Back Against Warrantless Spying as part of the Stop NSA Spying Coalition. The Huffington Center is located at 1324 Normandie Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90006. Parking is free.

On the agenda:

INTRODUCTION: The NSA has an Achilles heel. Learn the many ways that the NSA relies on state and local support in California and elsewhere
THE RESPONSE: There’s something that can and should be done about it. Get the tools you need to take action in your community – and in Sacramento – today.
STRATEGY: We’ll draw upon the success of the AB351 campaign against NDAA “indefinite detention” to teach you how local action and coalition-building can get some important victories. You’ll also learn ways to resist the NSA’s recruitment efforts against our children.
NSA SPYING AND THE LAPD: Learn how the NSA’s culture of suspicion has infiltrated LAPD and what is being done to resist and stop mass spying by local law enforcement – and their federal enablers at fusion centers.
EDUCATING LAW ENFORCEMENT: Local police take an oath to the Constitution and they need the education and support to encourage them to resist those actions with aid and assist the violations of your rights.

A similar coalition worked under LA vs NDAA which culminated in Governor Jerry Brown signing AB351 which “[bans] all cooperation with the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) or any other federal attempts to indefinitely detain people.”

I will be speaking on the FBI monitoring of You can read about the progress of the ACLU’s case on behalf of here, here, and here. Our own Kelley Vlahos summarizes the case here and here.

For more information, please call Los Angeles at 323-512-7095.