EU Could Collapse PA to Pressure Israel

A senior European Union official today discussed the possibility of the EU causing the collapse of the Palestinian Authority if the current round of peace talks fail, with an eye toward pressing Israel to make some serious moves toward Palestinian statehood.

The official, who was not named, noted that the funding was supposed to be to prepare the PA for the establishment of statehood, and said there was no point to keeping the spigot flowing if the Palestinians weren’t going to get a state anyhow.

The end of EU bankrolling of the PA would virtually assure its collapse, and would force Israel to take offer practical responsibility for the occupied West Bank, instead of just letting the EU subsidized PA muddle through.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas raised a similar prospect in 2010, suggesting that the PA be dissolved if there was no progress toward statehood. The idea then is that without the PA, Israel has no one to hold phony negotiations with, and no pretense that they’re going to allow statehood at some far-flung future date, meaning they’d struggle to defend their treatment of the Palestinains as “non-citizens” going forward.

9 thoughts on “EU Could Collapse PA to Pressure Israel”

  1. EU could do anything to pressure Israel as well, it is true that EU pays for the costs of PA but it is not the European money, is the Palestinians hard earned money managed by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair while Israel stealing some of it down the line. That is the only way for EU and US to collapse the Palestinians authorities stop paying the costs, in the other hand times are changed and the liberal Neo fascism in Europe are in charge running their political show, from Swedish government, the kingdom ministers of Neo liberals who supported the Libya war by participating the bombardment of the Libyan people by the Swedish junk fighter jets, to the French Neo social democrats are hired entities of Israel and been waiting for such time to change the world for their masters, the European vulture capitalism that is, and those who run the European Union, that is to say Israel. The growth of poverty in Europe, hand in hand with Neo fascism and a falsified democracy is what has been changed, otherwise NATO is in tact so is the vulture capitalism hireling these regimes to continue with their falsified democracy. Otherwise Israel never was Israel historically, it was Palestine and still is the land of Palestinians and Jews, Palestine become Israel when New York Times decided to change the map to Israel in 1970s, so, the legitimacy of a Palestinians land never needed to be negotiated but rather for EU and USG to stand firm on their demand for a Palestinians country with no walls that separates people of Palestine.

  2. It is rather a lot of money in a time of austerity, and it is used to frustrate the EU political goal as a courtesy to US designs which are now become a joke.

    It is hard to see why the EU would not do this.

  3. Ditz…

    Based on Israel's track record, I don't think they have an 'issue' booting people out of land if it is convenient to do so…they also don't seem to have an 'issue' with "occupying" land (the war in Lebanon in the 80s, the Golan, etc…).

    How will defunding the PA 'strengthen' the "Palestinian" side again…in your so-called "mind" that is?

    The "PA" is not in control of Gaza…has Gaza been "liberated"? Did Morsi "Liberate" Gaza Ditz? You know…Gaza isn't landlocked…

    Anyway…taking quotes out of context of a 2010 "interview" to invent and support an absurd point is nothing new…but not 'unexpected'…


    Let's see how Israel talks, and if the absurd 'narrative' changes, when Syria wins the proxy war and is fully equipped with the Russian made S-300s…Israel seems very, very, 'concerned' Ditz…so much so as to arm terrorists…

  4. I think Israel de facto occupied a territory of human rights by offering new war instan of sincere Peace. However Israel does not understanding the market price of her arrogance.

  5. I think Israel de facto has occupied a territory of human rights by offering new war worldwide, instead of developing sincere Peace. However Israel does not understand the market price of her ultimate arrogance. I think she is not truly Jewish.

    1. Who did what now?

      Lol…I think I know what you're saying…but look at it like this:

      The "freedom fighters" wish everyone a 'happy holidays'….

      "Arrogance" or not…the "humanity" and "human rights" 'offered' by Israel is clearly unmatched….

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