11 thoughts on “CBS News Reports on NullifyNSA”

  1. Most of the West, including Utah, has been in a drought for three years and water is becoming increasingly scarce. In California and elsewhere farmers cannot get water trucked in and their parched crops are dying. Per an article I read, people are resorting to praying for rain. Given this scenario, it was the height of irresponsibility for the brain dead federal gov't to put this massive water waster into a state that is mostly desert. Let's hope the people of Utah and their legislature have the backbone to stand up to Big Brother. BTW, where does Utah's governor stand on this?

  2. If this comment is anything to go by, I wouldn't trust you to write your name on a paper napkin, let alone a dissertation.

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  4. Crimea is dirt poor, even by Ukranian standards, and was intensely dependent on government aid. The regime change brought about a lot of philosophical shifts in government, but the big change from the Crimean perspective was economic in that

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