Arizona Anti-NSA Legislative Panel Vote Monday – Arizonans Calls Needed

From NullifyNSA:

SB1156 NEEDS YOUR HELP – make calls Sunday night and Monday AM in support.

We just received notice that SB1156, the Arizona 4th Amendment Protection Act will have a rules committee hearing and vote on MONDAY at 1pm.

Your calls are needed now – overnight and into the morning – so committee members know to vote YES on SB1156 in committee on Monday.

1. Call all the committee members. Strongly, but respectfully, express your support for the bill and let them know you want them to vote YES on SB1156. Leave them a voice mail overnight and in the morning. They need to hear about your support when they get to work in committee on Monday at 1pm

Olivia Cajero Bedford 602-926-5835
Adam Driggs 602-926-3016
Gail Griffin 602-926-5895 (thank her for her YES vote on 02-03-14)
John McComish 602-926-5898
Lynne Pancrazi 602-926-3004
Anna Tovar 602-926-3392

2. Call the Committee Chair, Andy Biggs. Thank him for co-sponsoring SB1156! Let him know you support the bill and want to see it on the Senate floor.

Andy Biggs (R) Chairman – (602) 926-4371

3. Share this link and ask your friends to do the same:

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  1. Good for the peope of Arizona. They can also stop re-electing that senile old maniac zio-tool McCain and put citizen militias on their border to stop the invasion from Mexico.

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