Protest against U.S. Intervention In Ukraine

Attorney Phillip Crawford and’s economist David Henderson are spearheading a protest Opposing U.S. Intervention in Ukraine. The demonstration is scheduled for Tuesday, May 13 staring at 4:00 PM. The protest held at Window-on-the-bay in Monterey, California on Del Monte Blvd near Camino El Estero, across from the McDonald’s restaurant. Professor Henderson is the co-chair of the Peace Coalition of Monterey County and a leader in Libertarians for Peace. Libertarians have been in the forefront against the countless wars conducted by United States against nations that have not attacked America.

For more information, please contact Lawrence Samuels, Co-chair of Libertarians for Peace of Monterey County at 831-238-5058.

8 thoughts on “Protest against U.S. Intervention In Ukraine”

    1. The guys' an intellectual midget & a troll….. Why can't two men and (or) two woman be life partners in marriage… WTF…!!!! We need more love and commitment in this world, not less….. And we CERTAINLY do NOT need people werking to limit the happiness prospects of loving committed couples,,,,, and people in general…..

  1. I think that is good that US public are inform of what their government are up to. Many People are brainwash and believe that Russia is the Problem. This makes me very sad that West can get away with murder.

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