Glenn Greenwald to recount NSA story on PBS Frontline

Glenn Greenwald just published his account of how he came to receive and report on a trove of top secret documents from Edward Snowden, in a new book, No Place to Hide. Read an excerpt on today: How I Met Edward Snowden.

In the first episode of The United States of Secrets, a landmark two-part series for Frontline on PBS, Greenwald tells of how he almost missed the scoop of the decade.

Part one of the United States of Secrets airs this week on PBS. Part two airs next week. Check your local listings.

Watch “Your Destination is Hong Kong” on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

28 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald to recount NSA story on PBS Frontline”

  1. Khalifa Aaed(stay home NC dad) is hacked by antiwar Mafia(Obama Mafia): HELP
    , help Nashama, SOS Mobama

  2. Snowden and Glenn Greenwald have done great damage to our country. This is treasonous, and I think they both should face a military tribunal.

    1. Snowden and Greenwald are both civilians, not members of the armed forces. Second, the documents given to Greenwald and Poitras by Snowden have resulted in the deaths of ZERO Americans, all the while exposing the fact that our government had instituted the largest and most comprehensive domestic spying apparatus in history, all in secret. People like you are complicit in the road to fascism, and there will be a special place in hell for you after this life.

      1. Does'nt it take one to know one?
        If you cant find a dictionary to read and comprehend the meaning of 'treason',
        then Google it; failing that try finding it on YouTube to draw yourself a picture!

  3. Snowden is a hero to all that love freedom. His exposing unconstitutional crime is not a crime. It's Obama and NSA's Clapper that should be prosecuted.
    As an aside, I'm also curious how government funded PBS massages this event.

  4. The Ehud Barack Obama Administration should be prosecuted along with the George Warmonger Bush Administration. Obama, Bush & Clinton would never see their grandchildren unless they visited them at the ICC.

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  11. Obama Administration should be prosecuted along with the George Warmonger Bush Administration

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