Justin Raimondo Talks Bergdahl on the Alan Colmes Show

Antiwar.com editorial director Justin Raimondo spoke today with Fox Radio’s Alan Colmes about the Bowe Bergdahl case.

Justin was at his best, check it out:

Justin Raimondo on Alan Colmes

22 thoughts on “Justin Raimondo Talks Bergdahl on the Alan Colmes Show”

  1. Justin Raimondo: Where are the "facts" that Taliban communications (which you state was intercepted) regarding the Taliban discussing/celebrating that they captured Bergdahl on a latrine just outside his base??? SOURCE: Tom Woods Show w/ Justin Raimondo.. Justin you stated that the American People are not getting their facts straight! You also stated that "Taliban communication was intercepted" and continued to say the Taliban were celebrating this capture of Bergdahl on the Latrine just outside his base and that Americans were not getting their facts straight? I am NOT finding this fact!! It would be very helpful before you state that we "dont" have our facts straight IF you would provide the resource in which you refer!

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