Bombing a Prison Camp for Children

Even the shameless Israeli state seems momentarily shamed, as it has announced a five-hour ceasefire in their bombardment of Gaza after having shelled to death four Palestinian children who had been playing soccer on a beach, thereby presumably serving as “human shields” for Hamas fighters ingeniously hiding under the sand.

Over 36 children have now been killed by Israel’s assaults out of 200+ total (mostly civilian) Palestinian deaths. Such a high proportion is hardly surprising, given that a majority of the population in Gaza is under 18, and over 40 percent are age 14 and under. Israel is bombing what is for the most part a vast open-air prison camp for children. This is what the Obama administration refers to as Israel “defending itself.”

“Eye for an eye” probably wouldn’t make the whole world blind. But, “the eyes of your children and neighbors for an eye,” sure as hell will. This bombing campaign of collective punishment is bloodthirsty, rank tribalism of the most primitive sort. Every American should be as aghast as Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder recently expressed himself to be that his tax dollars are paying for it.

13 thoughts on “Bombing a Prison Camp for Children”

  1. Maybe I'll start listening to Pearl Jam now. Better than that Zionist-loving creep Ted Nugent.

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  2. Israel's crack military intelligence arm, the Shin Beit, detected an Hamas rocket command center, diabolically disguised as a 1.5 foot sand castle, nearby. What else could The Most Moral Army In The World do? Besides the boys looked old for their age, 25 to 30, at least.

    In response to tepid US media criticism PM Binyamin "Lidice" Netanyahu replied, "The American Army, being by definition less moral, would have done the same, only with recklessness towards the lives of innocents."

  3. I agree with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. Our tax Dollars should not fund Israel. Even if Israel did not commit the atrocities that it does, there would be no need to give them either military aid or economic aid because it's not a third world nation.

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