Audio “Proof” of Ukrainian Rebel Responsibility for Malaysian Flight Downing is Fake

43 thoughts on “Audio “Proof” of Ukrainian Rebel Responsibility for Malaysian Flight Downing is Fake”

    1. Smells more like an Israeli Hamas saga; Blame Hamas for every crime that is committed against Israel so Washington can continue to supply weapons and money……works for the Israeli, hope it works for us too.

  1. To get to levels of zerohedge paranoia … wasn't there NATO exercises in the Black Sea that have "successfully concluded" just um… yesterday? More shades of TWA 800. History is weird.

  2. Oh… the improbability of it being an MH airliner has just gone down.

    Someone must have thought " … so which ones are passing over here tomorrow … yeah, make it this MH, after all they already lost one, LOL"

  3. Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) found former Israeli army general Amos Yaron and the state of Israel guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide stemming from the massacre of Palestinians in Beirut’s Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in 1982.

    For the past two weeks, Malaysia has been strongly condemning Israel's aggression on Gaza.

    …and, possibly, for the past two weeks, Israel's been thinking about how to punish Malaysia.

  4. The CNN article linked to from the main page about how US officials did not believe the rebels had tha capability to shoot down the plane has apparently been amended to remove that section and been replaced with this:

    NEW: U.S. official: Obama administration believes Ukraine didn't have capability to shoot down plane

    1. The Obama administration believes Ukraine did not have the capability in the region — let alone the motivation — to shoot down the plane, a U.S. official told CNN's Jake Tapper.

      RING RING!

      "Tapper here."

      "Hello Mr Tapper. I am an Obama Administration Official. Regarding your latest reporting, I just wanted to make clear that Ukraine did not have the capability in the region — let alone the motivation — to shoot down the plane."

      "Who is this? Where are you calling from?"

      "Is this clear, Mr. Tapper? Did not have the capability in the region — let alone the motivation!"


      "Yes.. yes, it is clear."

      "Thank you Mr, Tapper."


  5. Geez, can’t Washington’s puppet fascists in Kiev pull off a better false flag attack than this? And can’t their CIA trainers teach them how to do it better than this amateurish propaganda effort?

    And will our lapdog press continue to present this Ukie deception as “fact”?

  6. MUHSA today:

    WASHINGTON — President Obama said the United States has "increasing confidence" that the missile that shot down a Malaysian jetliner came from Russian separatists in Ukraine — and that Russia bears some responsibility for the crisis.

    "Evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile from an area that is controlled by Russian backed separatists inside Ukraine," Obama said in his first extensive remarks on the passenger jet crash. "A group of separatists can't shoot down military transport planes or, they claim, fighter jets, without sophisticated military equipment, and that comes from Russia."

    Yes. We are also not winning in Iraq, and that comes from Iran.

    Obama noted that about a hundred AIDS researchers and activists were reportedly on the flight, headed to a conference in Australia.

    "These were men and women who dedicated their own lives to saving the lives of others, and they were taken from us in a senseless act of violence," he said. "It's important for us to lift them up and affirm their lives."

    Do speechwriters just string together random crap to generate maximum pathos?


      "Moscow: No Buk missile systems or other weapons crossed Russia-Ukraine border"

      The Russian Defense Ministry has said that neither the Buk missile defense system, nor any other military equipment, has crossed the Russian border into Ukraine.

      Such border crossings “can’t be performed in secrecy,” the official representative for the Russian Defense Ministry told journalists in Moscow.

      Earlier, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) alleged that it has proof the self-defense forces in eastern Ukraine received a Buk anti-aircraft missile system with a crew from Russia.

      The Russian Defense Ministry spokesman also denied statements by the Ukrainian side, which announced the detention of two “spotters for Buk anti-aircraft missile systems” on its territory, who were Russian citizens.

      “We should clarify that such specialists as spotters are used only for those weapons systems, which are aimed at engaging ground-based targets,” he said.

      According to the Russian side, the Ukrainian military has deployed several Buk batteries, with at least 27 launchers, capable of bringing down high-flying jets, in the Donetsk Region.

  7. If this is true then it is huge. How could the Ukraine government know that the plane would be attacked the day before it happened? It smells like a conspiracy. Not a conspiracy theory, but an actual conspiracy.

    1. Ukraine's government knew because the CIA (and maybe even the evil Brennan himself) tipped them off.

  8. Not sure about the creation date in the mp4 meta data being such a great evidence. It's known to be iffy at times and different from the actual file creation. But on the original research page at it becomes clear the video was partly preexisting since June 5 in terms of format, production and some imagery used. Very sloppy all in all, even if the creation date would be a red herring, the odd production and timing is certainly not!

  9. And the shoot-down coming on the day the Israeli ground invasion of Gaza began is a curious coincidence- something spectacular to divert the low-information public's attention? I have to wonder just how much you'd have to pay someone- say, in the Ukraine military- to target and launch on a civilian airliner as part of a false-flag op?

    In other important, world-shaking news, Kim Kardashian was seen today showing off her bottom. How easily we're distracted from real issues these days.

  10. How does Russia possibly benefit from this shoot down (cui bono?). This question was not asked by Washington when they claimed that Assad used sarin gas on his own people, even though he had nothing to gain and everything to lose. And, naturally, they are not asking it now. Washington does not want its sheeple to think now, does it?

    1. We are supposed to assume their motivation is simply an evil hatred of the good guys.

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  12. I'm sorry guys, but everyone who is yelling "false flag" based on the date-mismatch is wrong. I checked with ffmpeg the metadata of the video uploaded by the Ukranian security services, and it's indeed true that the video by the Ukranian security service has a creation-date of July 16th. However, this timestamp in the metadata generated by the server, in this case youtube-server.

    So to check it for myself, I took a sporting event video of today (Tour de France Stage 13) which was uploaded on youtube and did the same metadata-check. And it turns out that metadata shows that creation_date of this video is on July 17th.. Now it's impossible to upload the coverage of a sporting event one day before it actually happens…

    See the attached screenshot for proof. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself. The conclusion is: Youtube-servers are creating creation_dates of one day ago.

    GHoeberX (you might know me as producer of Ron Paul videos)

  13. Video which implicated pro-Russian rebels was manufactured one day before the accident.

    Ukrainian air traffic controllers told the pilot of MH 17 to lower the altitude by 2,000 feet.

    Time stamp says it all:

    BUSTED! Ukraine Caught Trying to 'Frame Russia' for Shooting Down Malaysia Flight MH17!

    "Due to their sloppy work, They have been caught! They have since tried to delete the file, but not before it was downloaded over 800 times!"

    Bombshell! Proof That Malaysia Flight MH17 Was Diverted Over Ukraine War Zone!

    Rebel Leader Says Many of the Dead Bodies in MH17 Weren't "Fresh" rebel-leader-says-many-of-the-dead-bodies-in-mh17-werent-fresh_072014

    Are They Wagging the Dog?

    If this was a planned false flag attack, the perpetrators must have known the flight list and false flags usually have multiple goals. The LGBT community needs to ask themselves, why this particular plane with 100 Aids scientists aboard diverted?

  14. Plenty of headlines blaming Russia and the pro-Russian separatists of Eastern Ukraine here in the U.S., which is about par for the course. A mistake by whoever launched it? A case of mistaken identity by the Ukrainian government thinking it was a Russian target? Do the anti-Kiev resistance fighters have a weapon that can hit a target at over 30,000 feet?

  15. Interesting. Did you take into account Time zone shift? Is this UTC time? Was the timestamp auto generated by the upload software.

    Be thorough. Check everything.

  16. I wonder if this is what the Ukraine government meant by a "nasty surprise" for the rebels?

  17. Page he analyses doesn't exist, this analysis is fake. There is no URL to this page. So this is local fabricated provocation. This whole web resource is one provocation. Russia is tryin to turn whole world against Ukraine. But russism is much much worse than fascism. (Btw theres is no fascism in Ukraine).
    If one man watch any of russian mass media for 2 hours he becomes to hate Ukraine and ukrainians. There how russian information war works.

  18. fake. the essense of conversation is that cossaks did it. which is funny as 'Buk' is too complex system. additionally they were talking about one dead body when it is clear that every eyewitness could have easily seen dozen of them at the 777 crash scene. so the talk was about previously destroyed plane dated 14 or 15 July. with one dead body of pilot found. which could be easily done by man-portable weapons

  19. Unfortunately not indicative.

    The upload site Rghost (which generates the "creation time" shown in the video):

    1) Takes the creation time from the creation time of the video (which is the one that the camera is set to) normally

    2) But if the video has been downloaded from YouTube, then uploaded to Rghost, all bets are off. The test illustrated below shows that the video, downloaded from YouTube and uploaded to Rghost, generated a creation time of "upload time less 1 day".

    The YouTube converted file is dated 2014-07-20 16:17:15, this is the correct time that the video was uploaded, but ONE DAY EARLIER in UTC.

    So, this process is somehow removing one day from the actual time. It's not clear here if it's YouTube, or the RGhost system.

    This means that the Ukranian Intelligence Service video was actually uploaded to YouTube on 2014-07-17 19:10:24. UTC. Six hours after the crash.

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