Justin Raimondo Talks to Alan Colmes About Gaza and the Politics of Israel

Wednesday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke to Justin Raimondo, Editorial Director of Antiwar.com to get an alternate take of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Raimondo told Alan that he felt that the far right wing has taken over Israel and that American media has taken a major role in supporting Israel.

Raimondo also said that Israel has become so powerful that it feels it doesn’t even need the US anymore, and then debated a caller who claimed to be in Israel earlier this year and was a eyewitness the conflict there.

Watch the interview here:

15 thoughts on “Justin Raimondo Talks to Alan Colmes About Gaza and the Politics of Israel”

  1. I seriously doubt that caller from New York was just in Hebron for the killings. And since when do you go to war over a murder case. If a Canadian killed an American who was in Canada who had wondered outside of his Americans only city that the US took and protected with a standing army, would the US invade Canada over it?

    1. Well, World War I got started over a murder case. The Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife were murdered by a Serbian. That set off the machinations that turned into the great war.

      I agree with you that it a murder is no reason to start a war.

  2. Bolivia just declared Israel as a terrorists state and revoke the no visa agreement with Israeli visiting Bolivia. We need the world to do the same and have the bull to do the same. Viva Bolivia.

    1. If they did then FINALLY someone has the balls to do it! As long as they don't go any further than that if you get my meaning.

  3. Paint me skeptical but when I see Kerry and Israel having this little falling-out over Gaza I see pantomime and Kabuki theater, not any actual deeply-felt battle of ethics and disagreement between clear-cut fundamental rights and wrongs.

    If the US was at all in a serious disagreement with Israel's tactics and war-criminal behavior and remorseless attitude and ludicrous excuses then all Kerry has to do is cut foreign military sales of all parts, weapons and platforms to Israel, including parts for F-16s and F-15s, and the permanent cancellation of the F-35 sales and Israel will instantly cease bombing Gaza.

    Indeed, Nutanyahu would build 10 new hospitals and three new power station complexes in Gaza to try to secure US weapons and support once again.

    So all this phoney talk of the US and Israel disagreeing is complete baloney. Talk's cheep Mr Kerry, let's see you cancel the F-35s for the IDF due to the serial criminals acts with US weapons they have already committed and their total lack of remorse, and else all F-15 parts supply and support, and permanently cut 100% of iron dome funding and eliminate all intelligence cooperation. Let's see physical repercussions resulting from the actions thay have already taken, and war crimes hearings and charges laid, or else no one with an once of sense is going to buy that you, and the White House, aren't 100% on board with every bit of the slaughter Israel's involved in, within Gaza.

    No action = no credibility.

    Got spine?

    1. “We’ve all watched as the tiny state of Israel, who is with us on everything, "… they have had in the last three weeks 3,000 rockets filed into their country,” Reid said. “Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel asked for $225 million in emergency funding so that Israel’s arsenal as it relates to the Iron Dome could be replenished. It’s clear that is an emergency, and we should be able to agree on that. …” http://www.politico.com/story/2014/07/senate-bloc

      So, let me get this straight, Israel fires off their allegedly Israeli designed and built Iron Dome interceptor SAMs and the US taxpayer somehow gets the honor of buying the new Israeli interceptors for 'free'.

      Does that not seem like the dumbest of all dumb arangements in respect to the US public's interests?

      US Taxpayer: "Sir, how do you want to pay for that?"

      IDF: "oh, just put it on my American Express card."

      US Taxpayer: "Sir, do you have enough credit for that size purchase?"

      IDF: "I don't know, you tell me?"

      The nonsense will continue and this kabuki will be quietly reversed, in a month or two, or less, and the war criminals and land theives will get their new SAM interceptors and LGBs and JDAM stocks, using someone else's money (i.e. for 'free', bank-robber style).

      Any other country behaving in this way, doing what it does would be sanctioned and all foreign military sales and cooperation banned. But Israel can slaughter as many people as they like and suffer a bit of severe finger-waging and tisking in a mutual pantomime of frowns and then Washington will pick up the tab anyway. The underlaying blackmail is that if the US doesn't shutup and pay up then Israel will use their WMDs instead.

      It's like that movie musical, 'The Little Shop of Horrors', as a treacherous bottomless pit of green keeps saying, "Feed me Leroy! Feed Me!!"

      How'd that turn out again?

  4. Now I know why Alan Colmes's presence on FOX News television has been cut back so much. I wish they'd junk Hannity instead of Colmes. I like Alan. He's a good and fair man. And so is Raimondo.

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