ISIS Faulted for Use of Cluster Bombs

ISIS is facing growing criticism for its use of cluster monitions in its ongoing war in Iraq and Syria. The complaints, interestingly enough, began with allegations that Syria’s government was the one using the “banned” munitions, and was treated in a similar negative light.

Both ISIS and the Assad government are “bad guys” and so predictably their use of the munitions was going to be treated as beyond the pale. Yet the problem of cluster munition use is much older and wider-spread than just Syria/ISIS, and rarely gets treated as an important situation, or even a problem.

The US military heavily used cluster bombs during both the Iraq and Afghan wars, causing massive civilian casualties. The Israeli military littered southern Lebanon with munitions during their most recent war there, with unexploded ordinance continuing to kill Lebanese civilians to this day.

The US has similarly ignored the “ban” on cluster munitions use with a massive export of such bombs to Saudi Arabia only last year.

Cluster munitions have proven a huge humanitarian problem, killing civilians years after the war they were used in is over. Yet the ISIS use of such weapons is hardly out of keeping with international norms, and the problem of cluster bombs spans the globe. It is a mistake to treat ISIS as unusually bad for using such weapons when the US does so casually and with impunity, and has a stockpile of such weapons that far, far exceeds anything ISIS could ever dream of looting from what warehouses it has.

22 thoughts on “ISIS Faulted for Use of Cluster Bombs”

  1. So Saudi Arabia purchased cluster bombs from the USA? Where did ISIS get cluster bombs I wonder? What a strange mystery.

  2. Let's get this straight I don't care if we have cluster bombs and we use them. ISIS and Al-Queda both deserve what they're getting and I'm personally tired of seeing American lives being wasted to protect unappreciative savages. Focus less on what's going on somewhere that will be at war forever and focus more on the those who give their lives for what seems to be a wasted cost. God Bless America and screw backwards journalists.

  3. I totally agree with Werner and these cluster bombs will destroy the whole world. Government or higher agencies should take action about it and please stop killing two innocent custom essay writing in new york peoples. Otherwise we will see very soon that the world will be destroyed if they will wrong use of these bombs.

  4. The rise of ISIS is very scarry, it seems like they still get a lot of people that join their terrible cause. Hopefully the will be stopped soon…

  5. ISIL/ISIS jihadis using "cluster bombs?" Golly, there's a twist. So the ISIL/ISIS jihadis would be the insurgents that John McCain built?

  6. Cluster bombs, you say? That's terrible- the next thing you know they'll be using White Phosphorous on civilians (oh, wait, the Israelis already do that) or, let's see, yeah they might use ammunition containing Depleted Uranium in built-up areas (oh, wait, the US did that all over Iraq back in the day) or they might leave unexploded mines and ordinance in the open where civilians might accidentally detonate them (oh wait, everybody who goes to war does that). We might even get to the point where ISIS/ISIL uses so many BTTEU (Bad Things That Everyone Uses) that they might- just might- rise to the level of being 'the worst threat to civilization since the rise of Hitler's regime'.

    The question I would have for those shrieking pundits out there- exactly where did ISIS/ISIL obtain these cluster bomb munitions? I wasn't aware that they had any internal capacity to manufacture these types of munitions, so I'd rather be inclined to think they captured them from somewhere. Considering they are using a treasure trove of captured US artillery (in the form of my old howitzer in the Marines, the 155mm M198) it follows that they'd be using ammunition made for those weapons- now where would artillery delivered cluster bomb munitions made for the US-made M198 Howitzer have come from?

    Once again, with regard to the US government… "Methinks the lady doth protest too much".

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