Syria Next on Hit List – ISIS a Side Issue or Excuse: John V. Walsh

Obama took to the airwaves yesterday, oh so coincidentally, on the eve of September 11, to roll out his latest "smart war." And it comes, oh so coincidentally, just before Congressional midterms when every member of Congress fears like the plague to be painted as a dove, just as happened in 2002 before Bush II took us to war.

Whatever role ISIS plays in this, Syria is certainly the target. It is telling that when it comes to money, Obama is asking Congress only for funding to train the Syrian "moderate rebels" in that bastion of Sunni moderation, Saudi Arabia.

The rationales that Obama is peddling make no sense. If the barbarity of beheading were the actual trigger of this latest onslaught on the Middle East, then the U.S. would not be sending our "moderate" trainees to Saudi Arabia where beheading is a well respected national past time – far more popular than allowing women to drive automobiles.

And if the barbarity that has motivated Obama were the wanton taking of American life, then we would be training Jewish "moderates" to overthrow the Apartheid State of Israel. For let us remember that the IDF bulldozed the American Rachel Corrie into the ground when she stood in the way of the destruction of Palestinian housing. And it was Israel that killed the American citizen living in Turkey, Furkan Dogan, who was on the Mavi Marmara in the Gaza Flotilla. And it was Israel that tried to blow the USS Liberty out of the water killing 34 American sailors and wounding 171.

No, it is not the beheadings nor the loss of American life that move Obama. Syria is now to be bombed. That is an act of war. In fact arming rebels to overthrow a government is an act of war but there will be no declaration of war – just a vote to supply the funds for the mythical "moderate" rebels.

We are told that only ISIS leaders will be targeted in Syria. But Syria has not approved bombing its territory so it does not believe that story. And let us suppose that US planes are overhead when Assad’s forces are attacking "moderate" rebels that the US is arming and training. Is it credible that there will be no bombing of the Syrian forces?

And ISIS remains a mysterious entity, springing up out of nowhere and carrying arms that are supplied by American and Saudi agencies. In Iran as was reported in the NYT yesterday on the front page, the great majority of "the street" believes it is an American/Israeli/Saudi creation. It may be true that ISIS has got out of control and that Saudi Arabia now fears it, but that could also be another fiction. All we know for sure is that Syria and Iraq are to be bombed again. And also that ISIS emerged only after our invasion, bombing and continuing presence in Iraq.

Syria of course was on the list of targets when General Wesley Clarke revealed to us that there was a hit list in the Middle East and North Africa of seven countries, "starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran." And miraculously the schedule has been modified only slightly, perhaps because Assad has put up such fierce resistance.

And other lies are in the air. Obama tells us that there will be not "boots on the ground," but he also admits that he has sent over a thousand additional troops to Iraq. Are they barefoot? In fact the lies will only grow more intense and be repeated more frequently in the days to come as the war propaganda machine swings into ever higher gear.

As far as the election of 2008 goes, Obama promised peace, and Hillary war. But so far Obama has been in perfect synch with his hawkish adversary who has been especially keen to assault Syria. The election debate was a sham.

So we may expect Syria to be targeted and Iran next. But Iran is supported by Russia already under attack in its West via Ukraine. Can Russia allow Iran to be the next target? Can Iran allow Syria to fall to the US Empire? It is quite clear where this is going. The dream of the US Empire to dominate the Eurasian land mass is being implemented: Damascus, Tehran, Moscow and finally Beijing unless nuclear war breaks out first. Obama and the rest of the imperial elite are flirting with Armageddon.

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12 thoughts on “Syria Next on Hit List – ISIS a Side Issue or Excuse: John V. Walsh”

  1. It does look like the U.S. have found way better excuse to bomb Syria (the threat of ISIS) – and thus facilitate regime change – than the one they were planing to use last year (supposed use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government).

  2. Barack Hussein Obama have promised two thing in his presidency, one to divid Iraq, two replace the Syrian government no matter what. His used all his options but each and every time there has been nothing but defeat, that us to say until ISIS was created, now that Iraq is divided and ISIS in Syria, Obama can use his last political tricks by start bombing the Syria forces that are wining the war on both ISIS and what is called the "moderate" rebels. A fantasy term of wording that never existed in Syria, if they did and Obama's/Hillary/Mccain rebels" were "moderate" they should have accepted the Syrian government invitation three years ago to negotiate ending the war. USG always have rejected such idea, so the English, the French, Germans, Swedish, Danish and etc, they all have insisted on regime change in Syria. Now that ISIS is there, the only coalition out there is the one that ISIS is their fifth column of barbarians brigade, Saudis and UAE, Jordan king is forced to say yes, if he wants to keep his kingdom.

  3. Very astute. It looks like they are repackaging the war on Syria because they couldn't sell it the first time. The proof is that they are going to continue with the arming of the moderate mujahedin nonsense. Obama has admitted that there are no moderates. Also Israel and Saudi Arabia still want the US to take out Iran. If I was going to give the Obama administration the benefit of a doubt I would say that it is making a deal with the Saudi devil in order to get concessions on its destabilizing mujahedin funding. The Sunni regimes want dead Shia so any coalition against ISIS has to still produce dead people for them.

    1. First you find an alibi that will scare the public into a panic mode, like WMD, yellowcake uranium, and nerve gas, then you open up the chat room.

  4. I don't like this analysis. While the US isn't friendly towards Assad that doesn't mean there is a plan for regime change – at the moment. That plan was there but I think it was given up. It can still return of course, A plan to carve out a permanent pro-US area in Syria next to the old regime is more likely. Or maybe that is just an option at the moment as well. Anyway I think the best thing to do would be to pick Assad as an ally. And enforce a crackdown in Turkey, because they seem to have the largest impact on the ground. That's how the oil gets out.

    1. You may not like the analysis but the plan of the U.S. Empire is to dominate the Eurasian land mass to the extent that no rival economic or military power can emerge.
      That is the policy stated over and over again.
      If that policy is to be taken seriously and implemented, Russia and China must be isolated, the term Obama uses about Russia all the time. That in turn demands that those who will not turn on Russia or will not be permitted to do so, for example by Israel, be subjected to regime change.
      And so it is being done in a cruel, bellicose and murderous fashion with cold calculation, a characteristic of Anglo-American Israeli behavior.

      1. I don't like it means I don't think it's any good. I think the US realizes that creating a power vacuum is not in their interest. A few years back they didn't understand that this was exactly what they were promoting, but now they do. It may well be that they find it acceptable to keep Assad where he is right now but that they exclude him in order to make it easier to build an alliance against IS.

        The plan to isolate Russia is real enough though. It's not very bright.

  5. Both American beheadings looked fake. Barbarians would never fade to black for their "big shock" visual impact. I know high school kids who could make a better fake video than those. The reason the authorities warned people not to view the videos is because they can be analysed and debunked. Foley has a weird seam down the front of his forehead, and looks well nourished. Amurika needs to fight 'them terrists" over there so the don't show up at our shopping malls with a dirty bomb.

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