Dempsey: Parents of Slain Hostages Should Be Grateful for Botched Rescue Attempt

In what may well be the single most tactless comments he’s made yet, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, in open testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he believed the parents of slain US hostages James Foley and Steven Sotloff should feel more grateful to the Pentagon for its botched rescue attempt.

Dempsey declared the failed mission “the most complex, highest risk mission we’ve ever undertaken,” and that the attempt “should give the family some solace.”

Though Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel had referred to the mission as a “flawless operation” in previous comments, the reality is that it was an unmitigated disaster from the word go, with US officials wandering around Antakya, Turkey, just across the border from the ISIS capital, asking random people if they knew where the hostages were being held.

By the time the military was ready to go in, ISIS knew they were coming and had plenty of time to relocate the hostages. When the ground troops got to the jail and found no one inside, they attacked some ISIS forces elsewhere in town, then set the jail on fire and left.

4 thoughts on “Dempsey: Parents of Slain Hostages Should Be Grateful for Botched Rescue Attempt”

  1. James Foley's parents were interviewed recently on a FoxNews program. His mother said that they tried to raise money for his ransom. They turned to our government for help. They were told that if they continued raising ransom money..they would both be arrested and jailed. She said they were terrified..but decided that they would willingly go to jail if they could get their son released. Unfortunately, it was too late. One of the former hostages who had been released contacted them. He told them that James Foley did not believe that his country would let him die.

    1. That is really sad that he believed that. It is easy to forget so many people have a mistaken faith in their government.

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